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Professional Bond cleaning Newcastle

We will beat any written quote

Do you want your bond money back? We at Bond Cleaning Newcastle make sure that everything goes smoothly and you have a stress free day. We give 100% bond back guarantee with our bond cleans.

All our cleaners are fully insured, available 24/7, Friendly and experienced locals.

Our Services

  • Bond Cleaning Newcastle

    Looking for experienced bond cleaners in Newcastle that provide 100% bond back guarantee? Well look no more, book your bond cleaning today and get a 10% discount for our first time customers only! If want to look at our cleaning checklist then visit our Bond cleaners Newcastle page.

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  • smal-oven-cleaning-10

    Oven & BBQ Cleaning

    We are professional oven cleaners in Newcastle, making sure that your oven looks sparkly clean, almost as good as new. Unrivaled service at unmatched price. Book your oven cleaning today and get free range hood cleaning as well. We always like to work with our clients, making sure that you are 100% satisfied with the work. Our experienced and friendly staff will remove all the build up oil, fat, grime from your oven and bbq.

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  • smal-office-cleaning-5

    Office Cleaning Newcastle

    Looking for experienced office cleaners in Newcastle who take pride in what they do? We make sure that all our clients are satisfied with our services. We always ensure a high quality service that is always over delivered, we maintain good relations with our clients and work with their requirement. Call us today or enquire online for a free quote.

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  • smal-spring-cleaning-12

    Spring Cleaning

    Hire a spring cleaning from as little as $80. Professional cleaning experts who know how to effectively get the job done. We are the best in the industry and will make sure that you are satisfied with our work. We always over deliver, book your spring cleaning today and get a FREE oven cleaning included as well. So why wait? Book your spring cleaning and make your house sparkly clean.

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  • Nice work guys, my property manager was quite please with the clean. Elizabeth's work was spotless, will surely use your services again.

    Alisha Stan - CEO
  • The place was spotless when Danielle finished. He was on time, reliable and really nice.

    Anne Bristen - Designer


?Q. How much can a bond cleaning cost?
The cost for a proper bond clean is highly dependent on the size and the condition of the property. For a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom furnished unit we charge $250 for a proper bond clean. However for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom we charge $400. Please do note that our bond cleaning includes everything inside the property. We make sure that all our clients are 100% satisfied with the work.
?Q. How to book a bond clean with your company?
It's fairly simple to book your bond cleaning with us. All you have to do is either give us a call directly or apply for an online quote by filling the online form.
?Q. Do i have to be at the House during bond cleaning?
Usually, it is preferred that you do not disturb the cleaner while they are conducting their cleaning. If you wish to stay at the property during the whole process(which can take quite some time) then it is up to you, but we know you have better things to do.
?Q. Do i have to leave electricity on in the property?
Yes, we do require basic necessities such as hot water and electricity to do a perfect job. However, we can even work without it but it may cost extra for using our own generator.
?Q. Do you guarantee your Bond Clean?
Absolutely, at Bond Cleaning Newcastle we guarantee all our cleans. We make sure that you get your bond back and have a stress free day. Book your end of lease cleaning with us and have a stress free day,
?Q. Do I have to leave my Property Empty?
Yes, it is preferred that you move out all your things before the destined cleaning date. If your property is furnished then please do mention that when booking your clean, as the requirements for a furnished end of lease cleaning varies and will require extra work.
?Q. Do you provide any other services excluding bond clean?
Yes we do! We at Bond Cleaning Newcastle, provide all services for a proper end of lease. We do Bond cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, pest control, garden care etc. Just give us a call or fill our online quote form and our friendly staff will get back to you asap.
?Q. Do you contact my Property Manager or Landlord?
Usually we don't, but if you want we can do that as well. All you have to do is provide us with the address from where you want us to pick the keys from and once our cleaners finish they can drop the keys back as well, for no extra cost!
?Q. What Cleaning Checklist do you use?
At Bond Cleaning Newcastle, for a proper bond clean, we believe to clean everything inside the property. That's what your property managers expect as well. If you would like to have a look at our custom cleaning checklist then please visit our Bond Cleaning page.
?Q. What is the best time to book a bond clean?
It is advised that you book your bond clean at least 7 days before the desired date. However, we at BondCleaningNewcastle know that sometimes there are people who require urgent cleans, our cleaners are available 24/7 depending on your requirements.
?Q. How long does it usually take to get the bond clean done?
It's really hard to predict how long it will take for a bond clean without checking the property. On average it can take anywhere between 4-6 hrs to properly clean a 1 bedroom Unit. As the size of the property increase, so does the amount of hours.
?Q. Does your bond clean include windows as well?
Yes, of course. Our bond cleaning includes everything inside the property, including windows from outside as well. As long as they are reachable or removable.
?Q. Is it possible to save money by doing some cleaning ourself?
Yes there is, if you wish to do most of the cleaning yourself and just need an expert who can put the finishing touches then that is possible as well.Just enquire online mentioning that you have already cleaned the place and we can provide you with an affordable quote.
?Q. Where in Newcastle do you provide your service?
We provide our services all across Newcastle and nearby suburbs. Just give us a call or Request a Quote online.

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