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Why is distilled vinegar used in the laundry?

Why is distilled vinegar used in the laundry?
  • admin
  • May 21 2018

Soap and washing detergent are great for washing dirty clothes and removing brewed coffee marks and stains. But does anyone know that white distilled vinegar can also be used in the laundry? Yes, there are multiple uses of white vinegar in your laundry room. From whitening and brightening your faded clothes to removing body odours, cleaning steam iron to softening fabrics, you can use this single ingredient to witness quality wash at home. Since it doesn’t have harsh chemicals, it won’t affect the quality of your fabrics.

The best part is that you can find it easily in any grocery store near your house. So, next time when you get difficulty in removing stains from your favourite shirt, use white distilled vinegar with water. Even, the most reputed cleaning company in Newcastle also use vinegar to get rid of stains, residues, grime and dust while performing their cleaning jobs. Its acidic nature and mild components allow you to wash your clothes effectively and efficiently.

Here are few benefits of using distilled vinegar in the laundry:

1. Whitens your faded clothes

Yes, distilled white vinegar, out of all of the varieties of vinegar, has all the properties that can bring back the brightness and whiteness of your faded clothes. The acetic properties available in vinegar can dissolve and remove alkaline left by detergents and soaps on your clothes.

It also acts as a whitener ingredient for grey clothes in the laundry. If you want to whiten your socks, then add 1 cup of vinegar to a large pot of water. Let it boil and add the clothes. Allow it to soak overnight and rinse as usual. Make sure you use this trick on 100 % cotton clothing.

How to use it:
  • Add ½ cup of vinegar in a bucket (full of water)
  • Rinse your dirty clothes
  • This will make them look brighter and whitener.

2. Helps in killing body odours

Now getting rid of body odours and mouldy smells from clothes has become super easy with distilled white vinegar. The acidic nature penetrates through the fabric and cuts out the stinky odours when you wash it in hot water.

How to use it:
  • Fill washing machine with hot water
  • Add two cups of white distilled vinegar
  • Wash them twice
  • Run a normal wash cycle with detergent.

This can be helpful in eliminating sour smells of body sweat. If you want to remove moulds and stains, you will need to use a more advanced solution.

3. Softens the fabric

Instead of using expensive and chemical-based fabric softeners, you can use white distilled vinegar and contribute towards solving the problem of chemical waste in Newcastle. Its rich acidic properties remove residue and enhance the natural softness of the fabric. In a nutshell, it is cheap, impactful and can be used as a natural fabric softener.

How to use it:
  • Add ½ cup of white vinegar to the dispenser of your machine.
  • Rinse your clothes twice
  • Rinse again in fresh water

White vinegar is completely safe for children’s clothes.

4. Removes stains

How do you remove stubborn stains from your white shirt? Do you use fancy and scented commercial stain removal detergent? Now, you don’t need to buy such an expensive product. We have a solution for this.
Use a mixture of vinegar and milk/water to get rid of stains and soap residues. It works well when you leave the clothes in the solution for an hour.

How to use it:
  • Take a half cup of white vinegar
  • Add either water or milk
  • Soak the clothes for an hour
  • Wash in your dispenser machine
  • For better results, rub the stains with a brush and rinse it again.
  • 5. Clean your iron

    Use distilled vinegar to remove burn stains and calcium deposits from steam iron in minutes. If you are interested in this trick, then have a look below:

    • Add half water and half vinegar to the water chamber of your iron.
    • Steam for about 15 minutes
    • Empty the chamber and rinse it with plain water
    • Shake it well through the vents on the iron plate
    • Wipe down the place with vinegar damp vinegar

    This will help you remove burn marks with ease.

    6. Lint Detergent

    Towels are one of the most common sources of laundry lint. If you are also annoyed with this, then you must follow the cleaning trick with all-time favourite white vinegar. Before using this method, make sure you wash your towels separate from the rest of your clothes.

    How to use:
  • Add ½ cup of vinegar to the washing water
  • Mix it well
  • Add clothes and let the machine clean them
  • Conclusion

    White distilled vinegar can be a great product in your laundry room if you use it correctly. All tips and tricks mentioned above in this blog post will help you bring back the shine, fluff, whiteness and brightness, softness of your clothes and linens in minutes. If you want thorough cleaning for your house or office, then engage Bond Cleaning Newcastle. They also use money and time saving cleaning hacks like using vinegar for cleaning stains, baking soda for removing moulds, etc.