How to Remove the Smell of Sulphur in your House?

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How to Remove the Smell of Sulphur in your House?

By : John

Sulphur odour is not only unpleasant but also dreadful for health. While individual sensitivity to sulphur varies from person to person, it can still cause loads of health issues like runny noses, headaches and difficulty breathing.

Lingering odour of sulphur can affect the home’s environment and make your own house an unpleasant place to live. No matter how much cleanliness freak you are, but keeping it free from all kind of appalling smells is not possible. And if the entire house’s aroma is awful then it becomes very exasperating to breathe.

It is suggested that in spite of trying to get rid of that odour you should have a professional cleaning company in Newcastle to examine the situation. Especially when your house frequently smells terrible, no home remedies will work properly and, you should contact professional cleaners.

An experienced and reputed cleaning company like Bond Cleaning Newcastle will not only make your house rid of sulphur odour but also remove any other stench from it. However, if you want to try it out yourself, following are some methods to eliminate the scent of Sulphur from your House:

Identify the source

The key to odour removal is eliminating the source of the odour. If mould, yeast, damaged plumbing or an animal remains in your chimney is inducing the smell, then burning different types of candles and spraying air fresheners all around your house will not help you much. It will only temporarily overcome the stink. You need to eradicate the source of the problem for a permanent solution.

The rotten egg smell

Usually, the rotten egg smell is associated with the sulphur odour. It is very unpleasing and there can be multiple causes for it. It may be coming from a sulphur compound such as hydrogen sulphide– which originates in sewer pipes and fusty swamps- or sulphur dioxide- resulting from fossil fuel combustion. So it’s essential to identify the exact source to act upon it.

Air Freshener won’t work

Don’t just spray an air freshener to wrap up a terrible stink. While it can take time to clear away lingering odours from smoke, cooking, pets or mildew, it is possible to deodorise your home and bring in pleasant scents.

Baking soda

Baking soda is well known for erasing odours. And the best thing is that it’s very easy to use and efficient too. If the smell is coming from your clothes then, soak them in baking soda before washing. You can also sprinkle baking soda in all the corners of your house to get rid of the sulphur scent. It will defuse all the odours hidden in the house.

White vinegar

Vinegar is also known for its deodorising property. It is a commonly used home remedy. If you want to get rid of sulphur tang from your clothes, then you can soak them in a mixture of vinegar and water. And if some area of your house smells, then you can spurt vinegar there.

Activated charcoal

This works best when it comes to removing the sulphur odour. All you need to do is use a filter which is activated by charcoal or carbon. Odour filters, typically using activated charcoal, are extensively sold to discharge residue and odours from the water supply.

Air Purification system

Air purification system is another efficient way of getting your house free from the pungent stink. Using air purification systems can eliminate these stinking odours, but of course, this is the more expensive option. Hence it is recommended that if all other remedies don’t work then only go for an Air Purification system.

Water Purifier

The source of sulphur odours is usually hydrogen sulphide, a naturally-occurring compound produced by bacterial breakdown of sewage and other organic waste. Usually, its presence in the water implies some contamination that requires treatment. Hence water purifier will treat contaminated water and purify it. It will result in removing the sulphur smell.

Clean your appliances regularly

Water-using appliances can also give rise to sulphur or sewer smells, such as a washing machine or the dishwasher, or from the duct. In this situation, you should start with servicing the duct or cleaning the appliance. If the appliance uses gas, you also need to check for gas leaks. They may also be another reason for sulphur aroma.


If these home remedies fail to eliminate that persistent odour, you can contact a professional cleaner like Bond Cleaning Newcastle. They are well-experienced in eradicating any smell from the house and make it odourless. They have a trained team and the best solutions to do it the right way. Also, they use natural and eco-friendly techniques that are fast and of the best quality. They are expert in green cleaning and have the organic solutions to discard awful scents from your house.