1. Give Sufficient Notice to Your Landlord

    Tenants give this point the least importance when reading the rental agreement. However, providing enough notice to your landlord or property manager before moving out of a rental property is a core duty.

    In a fixed-term rental agreement, you must give your landlord a minimum of 30 days’ notice. This will help them find new tenants while you can prep the property for the final inspection.

    The best part is that it will leave a great impression on your landlord and provide a positive reference when looking for a next rental apartment.

  2. Do Necessary Repairs

    First, refer to your property condition report and compare it with the current condition. It is because you are not liable to pay for the existing damages.

    If any damage occurred during your lease, fix it as soon as possible because landlords conduct a rental inspection thoroughly. However, fair wear and tear is acceptable. So, check every nook and cranny of your home and fix the major damages.

    For instance, fix leaky pipes and taps, broken window frames, doors, cracked tiles, etc. Make sure you return the property in the same condition as you received at the time of lease.

  3. Perform a Thorough End of Lease Cleaning

    woman performing cleaning tasks inside of a house

    Most rental disputes occur due to cleaning issues. According to the tenancy agreement, tenants must return the premises in a reasonably clean condition. This means removing accumulated dust from hard surfaces, washing windows, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, degreasing kitchen appliances, polishing sinks and faucets, and disinfecting bathroom surfaces.

    Since a landlord thoroughly inspects the property, make sure you hire professionals for expert end of lease cleaning Newcastle. They strictly adhere to a pre-approved cleaning checklist that covers all rooms and important spots. With their assistance, you can retrieve your bond back without any stress.

  4. Return All Keys

    Do not forget to return the keys to your rental property to your landlord or property manager. This leaves a great impression and simplifies the bond retrieval process.

    Make sure you return spare keys as well because the property manager might need them for maintenance.

    First, clean up your rental property with the help of seasoned end of lease cleaners in Newcastle. They will also sanitise the property before the final inspection. After that, you can return the keys.

  5. Clear Your Rental Payments or Bills

    Tenants in Newcastle must pay outstanding rent and bills before the final move out. This will help them get bond money without any deduction.

    If you don’t clear payments, the landlord can deduct the same from your bond money.

  6. Attend the Final Property Inspection

    In NSW, landlords know their rights and conduct a final rental inspection before returning the bond money. This enables them to get a clear picture of the property’s actual condition and to inspect potential issues or dirt-laden areas before the final move-out. Tenants often lose their bond money in this phase.

    So, it is good to attend the inspection process to check any issues and hand over the premises in its original state.

  7. Claim Your Bond Refund

    If the landlord is satisfied with the property’s condition, the bond will be refunded within 2-3 weeks. The best part is that you can recover your bond money online as well.

    If you have paid your bond online, visit the Rental Bonds Online and receive your bond refund.

    If you didn’t use the online method, fill out and sign a claim for bond money refund form, get your landlord’s signature, and submit it to the Rental Bond Board.