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Why End of Lease Cleaning Is So Important?

Why End of Lease Cleaning Is So Important?
  • John
  • Jul 01 2020
The end of a tenancy is a crucial period for the tenant and landlord of rented property for a variety of reasons. One of the most important ones is the end of lease cleaning that is performed for successfully moving out. The final purging of leased property is the responsibility of every tenant in Newcastle and other cities of Australia.

Depending on the availability of time, knowledge, and other factors the tenant can DIY or hire experienced end of lease cleaning professionals in Newcastle. Both options are viable, but the latter is required by the lease contract signed at the start of a tenancy. End of lease cleaning is a vital activity, and here are the reasons why is it so important.

Secure Your Bond

At the start of each tenancy, it is common practise for landlords to keep a certain sum (a month’s rent or more) as a security deposit. This sum is returned when the tenancy ends with the tenant moving out without damaging the property and leaving it in the same condition it was in at the time of occupancy. Fair wear and tear of the property are acceptable and normal.

However, if there is severe damage or lack of sanitation making the property the property unsuitable for habitation and leasing again for the landlord – the landlord has the right to use the bond money partial or completely to get repairs or sanitation done by experienced end of lease cleaning experts in Newcastle.

You are Legally Bound to Perform It

The lease agreement signed between the landlord and tenant is a legally binding contract in which most property owners have a clause for the end of lease cleaning. It is a vital activity that is to be performed to return the property is the same condition it was in at the start of the tenancy.

According to the guidelines of the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants have to ensure the property is clean, sanitised, and habitable after their tenancy period is over to move out.

In case a tenant refuses to perform end of lease cleaning, the landlord reserves the right to use the bond money to return the property to its original condition. He/she can take legal action against the tenant as well if the house/unit is considerably damaged or inhabitable.

Different From Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your home regularly to rid it of dust, dirt, and germs are different from bond cleaning because one is less time consuming than the other. Other differences that make the end of lease cleaning different from a regular one are mentioned as follows.

  • End of lease cleaning requires purging of the entire property
  • It is time-consuming and demands a lot of physical effort
  • It may require the assistance of experienced end of lease cleaning experts in Newcastle
  • Bond cleaning cannot be performed before the tenant belongings are removed from the property
  • There is the involvement of the security deposit which is not a factor when cleaning regularly
  • Extensive use of cleaning products and equipment is needed for performing end of lease cleaning

It is necessary to understand that regular cleaning is crucial for daily and weekly maintenance of sanitation whereas end of lease cleaning in Newcastle is only done at the end of a tenancy.

Should You Perform End of Lease Cleaning?

It is a common question most tenants ask especially ones who are moving out of rented property for the first time. To obtain the answer, there are a host of factors to consider, and some of the most important ones are mentioned as follows.

  • Read the lease agreement to see if there is any clause regarding hiring experienced end of lease cleaning professionals in Newcastle
  • Did the landlord have the property purged by professionals before the start of the tenancy?
  • Do you have pets? If yes, then speak with your landlord about taking the assistance of professionals because in most cases it is required
  • Inspect the condition of the property, availability of time, and your support system to know if the DIY end of lease cleaning can be performed
  • Check you have the right cleaning supplies and equipment needed for the activity along with knowledge of correct techniques to employ

How to Hire Professional Cleaners?

Search for reputed end of lease cleaning company in Newcastle online and offline to shortlist a few. Ask relatives, friends, neighbours, and your landlord for references of cleaners they may have hired or know about.

Next, contact these companies to get free quotes and more about their services to know which ones are within your budget and suitable for meeting requirements. Don’t forget to ask the companies about their cancellation, refund, and rescheduling policies along with bond back guarantee.

Choose a company that is reliable and reputed with years of establishment, a team of experienced bond cleaners, good reviews/client feedbacks, and affordable rates.


End of lease cleaning is a vital task each tenant of the rented property has to perform to secure the bond money and move out of the property without any hassle. If you are a lessee, it is required to understand the reasons as mentioned above to know why the end of lease cleaning in Newcastle is so important.