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How to Clean and Protect Garden Furniture

How to Clean and Protect Garden Furniture
  • John
  • Apr 10 2020
The weather in Newcastle is mostly pleasant through the year with March, April, September, October, and November being the best months. Therefore, it is common for people in the city to have yards and gardens with furniture to enjoy the different seasons. Having garden furniture is suitable for people who love to bask in the sun or feel the breeze.However, it is often neglected braving all weathers since most people don’t put too much effort into cleaning and protecting their garden furnishings.

Some people avail upholstery cleaning services at the end of tenancy through reputed end of lease cleaning companies in Newcastle who offer the services additionally. Besides this, garden furniture is rarely given a second thought when it comes to sprucing.

However, the furnishings in your yards or gardens do require regular tending. Here are some tips by expert cleaners in Newcastle on how to clean and protect garden furniture.

Cleaning Tips for Your Garden Furniture

If you have been putting off cleaning the garden furniture because it seems challenging – it is easy and can be managed with little time investment by following these tips.

  • Plastic furniture is common in yards and gardens in Newcastle as they are the easiest to clean and maintain. If they are regularly dusted and wiped with microfiber cloths, they will remain presentable. However, if the garden furniture is dirty due to neglect, you can clean it with warm water and a mild detergent. For removing dirt from crevices and build-up use a toothbrush. Some furniture can be renewed after cleaning by spraying a fresh coat of washable paint as well.
  • Cleaning wooden or wicker furniture will require more attention than plastic furnishings, but they are worth the effort. Keeping wood furnishing clean is a regular process, and they can be cleaned easily if you know how. All that is required are good brushes, microfiber cloths, and a pH-balanced wood cleaner. In addition, you will need to invest in a high-quality stain or finish.
  • For cleaning glass table tops soap and warm water will be ideal. A store-bought glass cleaner can be used as well. However, in case you want to use a natural cleaner then use a paste of baking soda mixed with water and wipe away after 10-15 minutes with a microfiber cloth. Many end of lease cleaners in Newcastle who perform green cleaning use baking soda to remove dirt, spots, and grime from glass surfaces naturally.
  • To remove dirt, dust, and other pollutants from metal furniture use microfiber cloths, dusters, brushes, and sponges. If cleaning is done regularly, the metal furniture should remain rust-free, presentable and maintained for years.
  • If the furniture in the garden has cushions and fabric covers, then wash the removable ones. For upholstery cleaning of extremely dirty furniture seats/covers, you can hire professional cleaners in Newcastle who have tools like furniture shampooers, steam cleaners etc. To keep upholstery furniture in your garden clean generally you can vacuum it every alternative day, tend to spills immediately, and spot clean when you see a stain.
  • In case you have a steam cleaning machine then you can check the instructional manual on how to clean upholstery furniture with it. Professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle use them to clean and disinfect different kinds of upholstered furniture thoroughly.

Protection Tips for Your Garden Furniture

If you have garden furniture and love to spend time sipping a drink, eating with family, or doing other activities outside, then ‘prevention is better than cure’ should be your motto. Want to know how garden furniture can be protected from damage due to natural elements and other things? Here are protection tips by experts in Newcastle.

  • Don’t keep plastic furniture under the glare of the sun for too long because it can fade and become brittle. Plastic furniture can brave rain, dust, and any other weather onslaughts easily; however, it still needs to be protected. Therefore, keep the furniture in the shade, keep it dry, and paint it if necessary.
  • Proofing wood furniture is essential to increase its longevity. Thus, after cleaning ensure to stain it using a high-quality solution. Keep the wood dry as moisture weakens its structure and if possible, keep the furniture inside when during monsoon.
  • Every type of garden furniture needs proofing, and you can do it by reading the manufacturers guide for care and maintenance.
  • For keeping upholstery/fabric covers protected, try to avoid spillage and clean as soon as a spill happens. Invest in stain cleaners and apply the blot method to remove stains because scrubbing is not as effective. Wash removable fabric items like table covers, hammocks, cushions, etc.

Wrapping Up

Keeping garden furniture clean and protected can seem challenging, but it is easy if you follow the tips by experts in Newcastle mentioned above. Ensure to dust, wipe, and brush the items regularly and keep the furniture protected from moisture, sunlight, and other elements that might cause damage.

Please Note: For people moving to a new home who have upholstery furniture that is heavily soiled, you can hire professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle that provide complete house cleaning services additionally.