How To Clean Walls Like A Pro?


How To Clean Walls Like A Pro?

By : John
Maintaining neat and clean walls is a vital aspect of household upkeep, as they make up the biggest area of hard surfaces. They are likely to get covered with dust, smoke, grease splatters, spider webs, insect droppings, etc. The areas around the doors, light switches, as well as furniture are most affected. They collect soil and scuffs from hands and feet. Just like cleaning floors regularly is a necessity, walls also require your attention often. It does not matter whether the wall is painted, brick, stone, or wallpapers, you must take care of them consistently. Dust particles such as dust mites can lead to asthma, watery eyes, a runny nose as well as sneezing. They are likely to cause respiratory issues. This is where using pro cleaning methods used by most professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle can help immensely. Here is how to clean walls like a pro. Utilise this process to maintain clean and spotless walls.

1. Properly Dust the Walls

Before getting started with actual cleaning, it is a must to adequately dust the walls. Over time, they are likely to accumulate dust and cobwebs. Tackling them in the initial step stops dust particles from turning into muddy streaks while you are cleaning the walls. Utilise a dirty microfibre cloth or a specific wall duster. It will help you gently eliminate the loose dust. Use a systematic approach from the top down, as that will lead to a thorough removal. This initial step will improve the overall cleanliness and also ensure a better and more polished finish. Most expert end of lease cleaners in Newcastle start with this step before moving ahead.

2. Test Your DIY Cleaning Solution

It is ideal to conduct a patch test of your cleaning solution in an unnoticed area before applying it to the wall. A cautious approach like this makes sure that your preferred cleaning solution is not causing any damage or discolouration to the paint or finish of your wall. Knowing how your homemade solution engages with your wall surface can help you proceed confidently and produce professional-like results. This step will allow you to adjust the cleaning solution according to the specific requirements of your wall. To prepare an effective cleaning solution, mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a small bowl. The acidity of vinegar will assist in breaking down stains and dirt. Mix the solutions well before conducting the patch test. If it is appropriate, then proceed further.

3. Carefully Identify the Type of Stains

For professional wall cleaning, it is essential to use a specific approach for several types of stains, according to budget end of lease cleaners in Newcastle. The treatment differs based on the type of stain you are dealing with. For instance, a mild soap solution is ideal for general grime, while baking soda is effective at dealing with tough marks. Similarly, you will need to prepare a specialised DIY cleaning solution for tackling grease stains. This is why you must identify the type of stain before dealing with it. Stain treatment in a methodical way guarantees that every blemish is tackled using the correct cleaning solution.

4. Make Use of a Two-Bucket System

For effective cleaning, utilise the two-bucket system where one bucket contains the DIY cleaning solution, and the other includes clean water. The clean water will be used to rinse to the cloth or sponge. A technique like this helps in stopping the unintentional transfer of the dirt back onto the wall. It demonstrates professional-level attention to detail and guarantees that you are always using a clean cleaning tool.

5. Prefer Working in Sections

Divide the walls that need to be cleaned into manageable sections. This will enable you to ensure no part of the wall is ignored, leading to a complete and professional-level cleaning. Start from the top and work your way down while making sure every section is cleaned and has dried up before moving ahead. Working in a section allows you to keep an eye on your progress. Just dip the sponge of microfibre cloth in the cleaning solution and squeeze it. After cleaning a section of the wall, dip the cloth in clean water and squeeze. Rinse away the soapy residue.

6. Focus on Tiny Details

For effective cleaning, most professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle pay special attention to detail during the cleaning session. As you go through every section using your cleaning tool, carefully inspect to notice any visible spots and streaks. If you identify them, address them immediately. Also, do not forget to deal with heavily soiled areas. Make sure the electricity is turned off, and carefully clean near light switches and outlet plates. Remember that these spots should not get extremely wet.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your home clean and spotless is essential to maintain a healthy and visually appealing environment. Walls are one of those areas that require specific cleaning methods. Apply the step-by-step approach from this article to ensure your home is cleaner than ever.