How to Conquer Pet Hair: Cleaning Hacks for a Fur-Free Home


How to Conquer Pet Hair: Cleaning Hacks for a Fur-Free Home

By : John
Australia is a pet-loving nation with most of its households having dogs, cats and other animals. Therefore, pet hair is a common problem, pet owners face on a daily basis. Since fur is fine and light-weight, the pesky strands can get on almost every surface in your house, high or low. Without routine cleaning, pet hair can accumulate and become host-spots for dust, debris and germs. They also make your home smell bad and degrade indoor air quality.

Moreover, renters can lose their bonds if pet hair remain in the rental property at the end of tenancy because they increase the risk of fleas and other pests.

You can hire services for professional end of lease cleaning in Newcastle and pest control to get your bond back. Cleaning companies also provide professional house cleaning services to rid homes of pet hair and odours.

However, follow the cleaning hacks below to conquer pet hair. Use these tips to make your home spotless and fur-free all year round.

Keep A Lint Roller & Sheets on hand

Lint rollers are not only great for collecting loose threads, lint and fabric fuzz, you can use them to collect fur from clothes, upholstery, curtains and other fabrics. Roll the lint remover over the surfaces and the sticky tape on the roller will pick any loose strands in minutes. Keep the roller at an accessible place to use it whenever you are cleaning your house and make it fur-free.

Brush Your Pet Outside the House

During shedding season or any other time as well, your pet’s fur can fall and spread rapidly while brushing. Develop the habit of brushing your pet outside the house to avoid this problem. You can brush them in the garage or patio to sweep bunches of fur easily and without hassle.

The best time to brush your pet is after their walks, as it will also ensure they don’t have dust, leaves, twigs or other things in their hair upon arrival at home.

Get Your Pet an Area Rug

Identify spots where your fur baby like to sleep, eat and sit the most and place area rugs at these spots. This way, you prevent pet odours from permeating carpets, couches, floors and other places in your home. Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes and are much easier to wash, making them the perfect items for your pet’s comfort and keeping pet hair out of household surfaces.

This step also prevents carpets in your rental property from getting extremely dirty to sanitise during end of lease cleaning Newcastle.

Groom You Pet Regularly

Develop a regular grooming routine for your pet to ensure they shed less on household surfaces. You should have brushes and combs at home to brush your pooch’s fur and remove excessive hair. Some breeds of pets shed more than others, and you should know how to brush their undercoat, especially during seasons they lose the most fur.

Schedule routine trips to a reliable pet grooming centre if you lack the time or energy to groom your pet. Professionals can bathe and groom pets to ensure they are clean with trimmed nails and fur.

Invest in an Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Pet hair is home to microbes, allergens and dust, making it crucial to remove them not only for the odour they spread but also to reduce the risk of falling sick repeatedly. Vacuuming manually every few hours is not practical, which is why investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner is a wise solution.

These modern machines are remote-controlled and you can schedule them to vacuum the floors at any time automatically. Thus, they can pick pet hair, dust and other debris from hard floors or carpets round the clock. They will help you deep clean the house with pets effectively and efficiently.

Sweep & Mop Floors Daily

When you have pets at home, your hard floors are hot spots for dust, dirt and pet hair that make them unsanitary without regular sweeping and mopping. Using a broom, you can effectively and efficiently remove pet hair from the floors that can shield germs from the disinfectant when you mop.

Even professionals performing end of lease cleaners in Newcastle clean then disinfect surfaces/fixtures, as it is the correct way to sanitise and get the best results.

Weekly Wash Pet Beddings & Areas Rugs

Your pet’s beds, blankets, and area rugs accumulate dust, dirt and dander fast, trapping pet odour in their fibres. When you don’t wash them regularly, the bacteria and contaminants mix with pet odour and pollute the indoor air.

Have a Microfibre Duster To Remove Hairs

Cats are notorious for finding the highest spot in the house to sit, and these usually are shelves. Besides shelves, they like to prowl countertops and slabs, which is why these areas are smattered with hair.

Thus, you should have a microfiber duster with a telescopic and adjustable handle for cleaning shelves and microfiber cloths to wipe the countertops. These cleaning products can trap fur strands and dirt, dander and other contaminants your pet sheds. What’s more, they create an ionic charge that captures bacteria and dust mites effectively.

Wrapping Up

If you have a pet that sheds a lot of fur all over the household surfaces, it is necessary to follow the cleaning hacks mentioned above. Utilise them to maintain hygiene and sanitation in your home all year round.