How to Deep Clean Hardwood Floors Naturally

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How to Deep Clean Hardwood Floors Naturally

By : John
Hardwood floors look elegant and can add a beautiful touch to your home interiors. Normal wear and tear can make them look dull and dirty. With regular care and maintenance, you can restore the pristine shine of your wooden floorings.

However, abrasive tools, harsh chemicals and store-bought cleaners can further damage the finish of your hardwood floors. Instead, you can use eco-friendly products to tackle tough stains and grime.

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For regular maintenance of your elegant hardwood floors, follow these eco-friendly cleaning tips and achieve tangible outcomes:

Care and Maintenance of Hardwood Floors

Make sure you sweep and vacuum high-traffic floors, like the kitchen and the living room, on a daily basis. Mopping floors twice a week is also good for a sheen look. Here are some important that can be used to deep clean your wooden floors:

    1. Use White Vinegar Solution

Cleaning wooden flooring with distilled vinegar is one of the easiest and most natural ways to tackle grime and stains. White vinegar is completely safe on such surfaces, but you need to keep a few things in mind.

Do not apply vinegar directly on the floor. Always mix it with water to achieve a sparkling look. Also, invest in a microfiber mop because it is soft and won’t leave scratches behind.

So, you can prepare the homemade solution by mixing vinegar and warm water in a bucket. You can use the same solution to clean flat painted walls of your house. It is a multi-purpose cleaner that is effective and eco-friendly.

Make sure you test the solution in an inconspicuous area because vinegar can dull certain wooden flooring finishes.

    2. Castile Soap Can Do Wonders

If white vinegar reacts to your floors, you can prepare a castile soap solution. It is one of the best natural cleaning products to help you achieve a sheen look without damaging your wooden finish.

Mix one teaspoon of castile soap with four cups of warm water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil in a spray bottle.

Spray the solution on the stained surface and wipe it off using a microfiber mop.

Do not wash the floors to maintain the shine on your hardwood floors. Applying water directly to the floors can damage the finish.

Standing water on the floors can do horrible damage to the boards. So, it is good to use a damp mop rather than a wet one while cleaning them.

Step-by-Step Deep Cleaning Process For Your Hardwood Floors

If you want to clean your wooden floorings naturally, use white vinegar, castile soap, essential oil and warm water. Here is a complete guide that will help you can floors step by step:

    1. Remove Furniture

Before getting into the process, make sure you move all the furniture pieces out of the room. This will give you enough time to spruce up every nook and cranny without any hindrance. You can use furniture pads to move large items without leaving scratches behind.

    2. Get Rid of Dust and Debris

Begin by removing dust particles, pollens, allergens and other debris from your hardwood floors.

You can use a microfiber duster or a vacuum cleaner to fetch dust mites and particles.

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    3. Mop the Floor Using Vinegar Solution

Since you can’t wash your wooden flooring, you can dip a microfiber mop into the vinegar and warm water solution and squeeze out excess water.

A damp mop can help you achieve shiny outcomes. Run the mop in an “S” direction while covering every nook and cranny. Make sure you change the dirty solution every time to switch to a new room.

    4. Get Rid of Stubborn Stains

The castile soap solution can help you remove tough grime and stains easily. Spray the mixture on the surface and mop the floor. You don’t need to rinse the surface. If stains persist, you can spot clean the floor using castile soap solution.

You can use a non-abrasive tool to scrub off pet stains and oil splatters.

    5. Make Them Look Shiny

After cleaning the floor, make sure it is completely dry. You can use a floor polish or wax to bring back the pristine shine of your hardwood floors.


This is a complete guide on deep cleaning beautiful hardwood floors naturally. You can keep these tips in mind and make your wooden floors look sparkling clean.

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