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Natural Homemade Cleaners for Your House

Natural Homemade Cleaners for Your House
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  • Aug 03 2018

There are literary thousands of commercial cleaning products that are loaded with hazardous and polluting chemical substances. Of course, these products are effective and can simplify your house cleaning chores, but they can trigger some dreadful health problems including respiratory illness, eye irritations, allergies, asthma and even cancer.

This may scare you especially if you have toddlers and pets in your house. In order to maintain a safe and healthy environment in your home, you may need to replace those harmful products with something natural and safe to remove dirt and stains.

You can also hire professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle if you are at the end of your lease period. They hold great experience in cleaning all types of properties using non-toxic products. With their professional assistance, you can get your 100 % bond amount back from your landlord or property agent after the inspection.

In case of regular house cleaning, you can prepare the natural homemade cleaners that are effective and safe.

Here are some of the best cleaning solutions that you can prepare at home in a matter of few seconds:

1. All-Purpose Cleaner and Deodoriser

Cleaning a house without commercial cleaning products seems challenging. No doubt they are effective and can help you get rid of the stains easily, but they are very harmful to both the human health and the environment. The presence of toxic chemicals can cause some severe health problems, including cancer.

The causes may scare you, but you can avoid these dreadful scenarios if you replace harmful household cleaners with the natural or non-toxic ones.

You can use ingredients available in your kitchen to get rid of stains without affecting the health of your children and pets. All you need is:

  • 4 tablespoon of baking soda
  • 1 quart of warm water

Mix both the ingredients in an empty spray bottle and use it to remove spills, stains and grease from floors, kitchen counters, appliances, carpets etc. The best part about this solution is that it also works as a deodoriser and can be used to bring back the shine of stainless steel sinks.

Tip: Spray the solution directly on spot/stain or pour it on a clean sponge and wipe off the surface.

2. Grease Cleaner

Nothing can be more stressful then clearing away build up grease and grime from oven’s grills, gas burner, BBQ and space between door slides. Tough grease can’t be removed just by scrubbing off the surface. You need smart tricks to get rid of it. Commercial grease cleaners can do the job for you, but if you want something natural and non-toxic, then prepare a grease cleaner at home. You can use the following ingredients for your homemade grease remover.

  • ½ cup of sudsy ammonia
  • 1-gallon water

If you don’t have Sudsy ammonia, then mix ¼ cup of detergent powder in ½ cup of ammonia to create a soapy solution. It can help you remove build up grime and grease. Use this solution to wipe off your oven hoods and grills using a sponge.

Note: If you are running at the end of your lease period, then it is better to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle who carry the best and non-toxic products to help you get rid of tough stains and grease with ease. They take care of every aspect and clean every nook and corner of your rental property to help you get your 100 % bond amount back.

3. Glass Cleaner

Cleaning mirrors, windows and other glasses is not a challenging chore, but getting it done properly and streak-free can be a bit difficult. There is no use of spending hours on spraying and wiping off the glass if you don’t have the right tools and cleaning solution. You may use chemical-based cleaners to get rid of dirt and dust, but it can be harmful and dreadful.

Luckily, there is a trick to prepare a natural homemade cleaner that can make your glasses look shiny and glossy. All you need is:

  • 2 cups of water
  • ½ cup white vinegar
  • ¼ cup rubbing alcohol 70% concentration

Mix all these ingredients and pour them in an empty spray bottle. You can use this solution whenever you wash your windows and mirrors.

Tip: Never clean your windows on a sunny day as the solution will dry quickly and leave the streaks on your window glass.

4. Brass Cleaner

Though there are plenty of chemical brass cleaners available on the local Newcastle market, try using some natural and eco-friendly ways to get it cleaned. If you have cookware, musical instruments, jewellery and decorative items made up of brass, create a cleaning solution using:

  • White vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • Table salt

Dampen a sponge or clean cloth with vinegar and lemon juice, then sprinkle a pinch of salt on the brass surface. Now, gently rub the surface and rinse under running water and immediately dry with a clean cloth.

This is an amazing trick that can help you clean non-lacquered cabinet pulls, brass decorative items, cookware and doorknobs.

5. Heavy-duty Scrub

You may need professionals to get those sturdy rust stains out of your kitchen sinks and countertops, especially if you are moving out of a rental property. You need highly-experienced end of lease cleaners in Newcastle for thorough, professional and reliable cleaning that can help you get your security deposits back.

But you can give a try by using a natural heavy –duty scrub. You can prepare this solution at home and use it to get rid of build-up stains from the surface. All you need is:

  • Half a lemon
  • ½ cup of borax powder

These ingredients work wonders when mixed together to remove rust stains from sinks and tubs. Dip the lemon into the borax and scrub the affected area and rinse it with water.

Note: Never use this trick on marble or granite surface.


These are some super-fantastic natural homemade cleaners that will spruce up your house without even affecting the health of your kids and pets. In fact, most of the cleaning companies in Newcastle follow a green-clean policy that is safe for the environment as well.

You can also say goodbye to chemical-based household cleaners and products and use environmentally-safe cleaning methods!