The Easiest Weekly House Cleaning Schedule


The Easiest Weekly House Cleaning Schedule

By : John
Maintaining household hygiene and sanitation is an ongoing process. You must clean and disinfect household surfaces and fixtures routinely to keep dust, dirt, grime and germs at bay. However, with today’s fast-paced life, demanding work/personal commitments and other reasons, cleaning your home every day is challenging.

Therefore, a significant chunk of Australians prefers to deep clean their home on the weekends. If you are among them, having a weekly house cleaning schedule can help streamline your work and sort chores according to urgency and importance.

Even professionals who perform house or end of lease cleaning in Newcastle use house cleaning schedules and checklists to ensure they can prioritise crucial tasks and don’t forget them.

If you don’t have a weekly cleaning schedule and don’t know where to start, look at this checklist to learn what to do. Have a look.

Declutter the House

Sorting through property contents makes a sea of difference and aids in eco-friendly cleaning as it helps get rid of trash and free space. Start by decluttering one room every week to transform the chore into a habit. For example, sort your bedroom or living room before moving to areas that will take time and energy, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Make decluttering a family activity by asking every household member to declutter their bedrooms. It will help get more space in your home get sorted and provide time for everyone to bond too.

Dust or Vacuum Everything

Dust, dirt, crumbs, debris and allergens are common pollutants that need to be removed frequently to maintain household hygiene and improve indoor air quality. Thus, you should ensure all the surfaces and fixtures in the house are dusted with microfiber products like cloths, dusters, gloves etc.

Alternately, you can sanitise the entire house with a high-performance vacuum cleaner with various attachments. Use the crevice tool to remove dust and debris from narrow spaces such as tracks, frames, upholstery creases and many other spaces.

Pro Tip: Make sure you perform one task in the entire house before starting another task. Professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle use this technique to complete their work and save time.

Sanitise the Kitchen

Cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen regularly is necessary for preventing cross-contamination and growth of illness-causing germs. Here is a list of weekly tasks you should perform for cleaning your kitchen like a pro.

  • Wipe or wash cabinets, windows stove/hob and other fixtures in the room
  • Clean and disinfect the countertops, slabs, doors, and other high-touch surfaces/objects.
  • Clean the oven, microwave, refrigerator, and other appliances.
  • Clean the sink with a mild cleaner or with natural ingredients like baking soda, white vinegar or an organic soap
  • Once all the surfaces and fixtures are cleaned, sweep and mop the floors
  • Deep Clean the Bathroom

    Every week on a day off, get to scrubbing and washing the toilet, bathtub, shower glass, and other surfaces, fixtures in the bathroom. Wipe the mirrors, declutter cabinets, disinfect high-points of contacts, and sweep & mop the floors. In the bathroom, areas get dirty due to mineral stains, soap scum, mould or mildew, dirt, etc.

    If left unattended, these surfaces become extremely soiled and even get discoloured, which can be a major problem, especially for tenants. It can be difficult for your hired professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle to clean these surfaces, and it may be an issue for getting your bond back in full.

    Sanitise the Carpets

    Carpets get soiled and stained, especially when you have toddlers and pets at home. You need to sanitise these fixtures regularly to maintain their longevity, appearance, and shine. Every week vacuum the carpets thoroughly after spot cleaning them. To freshen and deodorise carpets, sprinkle baking soda and let it dwell for 15-30 minutes before vacuuming.

    Besides cleaning the carpets weekly, hire professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle to deep clean them frequently. The professionals have the right tools and use correct techniques to sanitise carpets effectively and efficiently.

    Wrapping Up

    Not everyone has the time and energy to clean their homes for hours every day which is why it is better to have a weekly cleaning routine. Refer to the schedule mentioned above to know what deep cleaning tasks you need to perform each week, and plan everything accordingly. Clean on the weekends or weekdays whenever you have the bandwidth to quickly and easily manage the sanitation of your house.