What Are Your Rights As A Landlord When It Comes To Bond Cleaning?


What Are Your Rights As A Landlord When It Comes To Bond Cleaning?

By : John
Enduring a harmonious tenant-landlord relationship through the lease is the most challenging task, but achievable. With the help of rental agreements and awareness, both parties can understand their rights, duties, and responsibilities before, during and at the end of a tenancy.

This is especially imperative when it comes to bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning. Most rental disputes happen because of dirty premises or lack of cleaning.

As a responsible landlord, you must know your legal rights and duties to avoid cleaning or property maintenance disputes. According to the Residential Tenancies Act in NSW, landlords have the right to withhold a part or full bond money if a tenant leaves the property in a dirty condition.

Here is a complete guide to help you understand your rights as a landlord when it comes to bond cleaning. You must read it before leasing out your property to a tenant.

What is the Relationship Between a landlord and a Tenant?

This Relationship develops when a tenant signs a rental agreement and starts living in a rental property. The agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of landlords and renters, including:

  • The amount of rent
  • The tenure
  • Landlord’s rights and responsibilities
  • Tenant’s rights and responsibilities to maintain a property

Being a landlord, you are entitled to take a bond amount from your Tenant before the start of a tenancy, and this is logged with Fair Trading NSW.

The lease agreement clearly states that a tenant must return the property reasonably clean at the end of a tenancy. They may lose bond money if they leave dirt, stains and grime behind.

That’s one of the reasons why professional end of lease cleaning Newcastle is gaining popularity across the state. Landlords can also hire these professionals if a tenant leaves a property dirty and deducts the amount from their bond money.

Landlord’s Rights Related to Bond Cleaning

Consider these rights and obligations as a landlord in NSW and keep your property protected throughout the lease. You, as a landlord, have the right:

  1. To Receive a Property in A Reasonably Clean Condition

Landlords have the right to expect a return of the rental property in a clean and well-maintained state. It has to be returned in the same condition as at the start of a lease.

This means tenants remove grease stains, grime, accumulated dust, nasty stains, grime and cobwebs from the entire premises. You can’t overlook this legal aspect because your property should be ready for the next tenants without wasting your time.

  1. To Assess the Property Condition Report

A property condition report is a document that includes the current condition of the premises at the start of a tenancy. As a landlord, you must complete it and give copies to your tenant.

However, your right is to receive a completed PCR from the tenant once they inspect the property before moving in.

When inspecting the property at the end of a lease, make sure you compare the current condition with the entry condition report. Hence, you can claim against your tenant’s bond for the cost of repairs and cleaning except fair wear and tear.

  1. To Deduct Bond Money to Cover  the Cost of Cleaning

Tenants can pay the rental bond online or offline when signing the lease agreement.

The bond amount is deposited as a security so landlords can deduct it to cover the repair and cleaning costs if the tenant fails to return the property in the same condition. Therefore, you can claim a part of the bond after the inspection and cover the cleaning costs by hiring professional cleaners in Newcastle.

Make sure you thoroughly inspect the property from top-to-bottom, including bathrooms, kitchen appliances, air vents, windows, blinds, etc. If they deny it, you can hold back their bond money.

  1. Professional Cleaning of the Property

Landlords or property managers can specify in the tenancy agreement that tenants must hire professionals for an expert end of lease cleaning Newcastle during the end of a tenancy.

You can also hire professional cleaners if you receive a property in a grimy condition but hand over the invoice to your tenant. It is because bond cleaning is a key responsibility of a tenant, and they should perform it before the final rental inspection.

What is the Timeline For A Rental Inspection?

According to the RTA 2019, landlords and property managers must adhere to the set timelines for the final rental inspection. This means they should condition the inspection within 14 days of the tenant moving out of the property. They should also give enough time for repairs and cleaning work so that tenants can hand over the premises in a pristine state.

Note: Landlords must return the bond within 7 days after passing the inspection.

It is always good to discuss with your tenant if you are unhappy with the property’s condition. They can hire professional end of lease cleaners Newcastle and get the property meticulously cleaned with precision.

The best part is that professionals follow a proper REINSW-approved checklist and leave no stains, grime behind using cutting-edge tools and products. But many tenants avoid hiring professionals and end up making silly cleaning mistakes. This can lead to a serious rental disputes.

If you cannot resolve the conflict with the tenant, contact NSW Fair Trading, and they can make the final decision depending on submitted documents and evidence, such as a property condition report.

Wrapping up

This guide will help landlords in NSW to understand their rights, especially related to bond cleaning and receive their property in a reasonably clean condition for the next tenants.