What Causes Grout Discolouration? How To Clean It?


What Causes Grout Discolouration? How To Clean It?

By : John

Different rooms in a house demand different kinds of flooring. The living room and bedroom have wooden or carpeted flooring, while kitchens use tiles. They all require different methods for proper maintenance.

The wooden ones can be cleaned easily through wiping, while regular vacuuming can take care of the carpeted ones. However, sweeping and mopping is not enough when it comes to tiles and grout. Cleaning them is not an easy job. If anything, it is one of the toughest spots to clean.

Plus, if not taken care, grout can easily become discoloured, making the dirt clearly visible. This is why people looking to leave their rental property prefer services like budget end of lease cleaning in Newcastle for an effective clean-up.

With the help of the right resources and tips, you can also clean it yourself. In this article, we will take a look at what causes grout discolouration and how you can clean it. If applied, these tips will make the grout look like new.

What Causes Grout Discolouration?

Discolouration can occur if the grout is not sealed properly, as it is exposed to dirt and water, which can be easily absorbed due to the consistency of the grout.

The accumulation of dirt and grime can lead to a darker grout as it will lose its original colour. Staining of grout occurs because of liquids, such as oil on tiles in the kitchen. Discolouration can also happen due to natural wear and tear.

How to Clean Discoloured Grout?

There are several ways to fix discoloured grout. Your best bet is to replace it, but you cannot do that more than a few times, especially if your grout gets discoloured quickly. So it becomes essential to learn the cleaning techniques. Here is the one you can use for the best results:

Step 1: Ensure the Area is Clear

Regardless of the area or room, grouted tile is always cleaned the same way. The process begins with clearing unnecessary or unwanted household items from the surfaces, especially in the kitchen.

Ensure the area you want to clean is clear of stuff like kitchen appliances and other similar items before starting the cleaning. Cleaning products are robust. If not sprayed carefully, they can easily discolour hardwood floors. So, you need to be careful and have a clear surface.

Step 2: Go Easy at the Start

For the best results, expert end of lease cleaners in Newcastle recommend starting the cleaning with a mild cleaning product. Using bleach or other harsh chemicals can reduce the longevity of the grout.

Although harsh cleaners may be necessary in a lot of cases, starting with a mild one before working your way up is ideal. Furthermore, the more solid the stain is, the stronger your cleaner should be.

Step 3: Gently Spray on the Surface

Start by spraying the grout with your preferred tile cleaner until it is visibly wet. Let it sit there, and allow it to infiltrate the solid and stain. Now wipe it using a clean cloth or paper towel.

A key thing to note here is that the success of this technique will depend on the condition of the problem. If you are dealing with a more severe issue, such as mould in your grout, you will need a stronger product and vice versa.

Step 4: Use a Stronger Cleaning Solution

If the mild cleaner fails to do the trick, then getting a stronger one, like a bleach-based solution will be necessary. Use a sponge to apply the cleaner onto the surface and keep the surface wet for 10 minutes, reapply if needed. Now, use a scrubber sponge or an old toothbrush to scrub the grout and lift up or break apart the stain. Lastly, rinse the surface with clean water and let it dry.

If the stain still remains, then go with an even stronger and more concentrated product. A cleaner like that will have a bit more force, which will help in eradicating mould and will also help in whitening the grout. Just make sure that it does not have banned or restricted chemicals.

Step 5: Repeat the Steps If Needed

You may need to repeat these steps multiple times before your grout is finally stain-free and back to its original colour.

Additionally, it is worth noting that letting the homemade tile grout cleaner soak on the surface for more than 10 minutes may seem like the right move, but it is actually the opposite.

It will be unsafe for the surface. This is why you will see most expert end of lease cleaners in Newcastle never let the cleaning solution soak on the surface for too long.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning grout is challenging, especially because it is prone to staining. You do not want to spend a day cleaning and get no results in return. This is why following a specialised method is so crucial. Apply the steps from this article to get a clean and stain-free grout. Additionally, if you are leaving your rental property soon, hiring end of lease cleaners in Newcastle will be worth it.