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10 Cleaning Mistakes You’d Never Realise You’re Making

10 Cleaning Mistakes You’d Never Realise You’re Making
  • John
  • Sep 13 2021
Cleaning and sanitising your home is one of the most important household chores. It not only help you to enhance the appearance of the interior but also keep away the germs and bacteria that cause infectious and communicable diseases. However, to achieve perfect cleaning, you need to ensure that you are following the right practices.

As dusting is a boring, tiring and time-consuming task, you try to find shortcuts to finish the task quickly. As a result, you made several mistakes without even realising them. These mistakes don't let you clean your house perfectly.

There are many people who like to stay away from such mistakes. Thus, they prefer to hire professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Newcastle. The experts also provide additional services like a thorough dusting of your home, carpet and oven cleaning, etc.

You can expect the best possible result from them. However, if you want to get the job done on your own, you must avoid the common mistakes that people usually make. And to avoid them, first, you need to know about them.

Here are 10 cleaning mistakes you'd never realise you're making.

1. Cleaning Without a Checklist

One of the most common mistakes you are probably making is dusting your house without using a checklist. When you do not use a checklist, things get confusing, and as a result, you miss out on many essential spots. Thus, a checklist is essential to ensure a thorough cleaning. You can prepare it on your own or get it directly online.

2. Using Store-Bought Cleaners

The Newcastle market is flooded with hundreds and thousands of branded cleaners. You might be purchasing these products and using them to keep your abode sparkling clean. However, you do not realise that these are loaded with harmful chemicals that pollute the indoor air. Thus, you should use natural products only.

3. Not Following Top to Bottom Approach

Another mistake that many people make is not following top to bottom approach. This makes your dusting and scrubbing process more difficult and time-consuming. You should always start from the ceiling, then switch to walls and finally the floor. It is the right order you should clean your house and avoid unnecessary hassle.

4. Ignoring the High-Touch Points

If you neglect the high-tough points in your house, you are making a big mistake. These posts are responsible for spreading infectious virus and bacteria. You should clean these spots and also make sure that you disinfect them. These points include doorknobs, door handles, light switch, the handle of Kitchen appliances, TV remote, etc.

5. Not Giving Your Home Professional Cleaning

It is perfectly fine to perform the dusting and vacuuming on your own, but if you want to clean your house thoroughly, you need professional cleaners. They use advanced tools and the latest techniques to get the job done perfectly and at the earliest. Thus, when tenants move out, they hire professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Newcastle.

6. Not Paying Attention to the Hidden Spots

When you clean your house, you do not pay attention to the hidden spots. These particular areas accumulate more dust and dirt over time and, as a result, promote germs and bacteria. Such areas include light fittings, inside the oven, ceiling corners, window blinds, etc.

7. Washing Windows on a Sunny Day

You might have cleaned window glasses on a sunny day and failed to get a streak-free finish. It is because when you spray window cleaner, the solution gets evaporated even before you wipe it off with the clean cloth. So, it leaves behind marks that are difficult to remove. So, always choose a cloudy day for the task.

8. Vacuuming Carpets Once A Week

If you are vacuuming your dirty carpets once a week, you should know it is not enough. If you have kids or pets, your carpets will accumulate pet hair, pet accidents, spills, food particles, etc. To get rid of all these things, you need to vacuum the carpets at least thrice a week.

9. Not Using Appropriate Tool for Dusting

If you are using a feather duster to get rid of the dust from your household belongings, it is of no use. Such tools only remove dust from one place and spread it to other places. You need something that traps the dust, such as a microfibre cloth and vacuum cleaner.

10. Using Dirty Cleaning Tools

You cannot expect to clean your home by using dirty cleaning tools. When you use a sponge or duster to clean a particular place and again use them without cleaning, you actually spread more germs and dirt instead of removing them. So, once you are done with the dusting of your home, make sure you clean and disinfect all the cleaning tools.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning the house is essential because it improves the indoor air quality. However, it is even more vital that you follow the right methods to get rid of the dirt, dust and germs. Otherwise, you won't get the desired result.

So, the next time you decide to clean your home, make sure you do not make the mistakes mentioned above. To save your time and get the best result, hire experienced end of lease cleaners in Newcastle.