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Why It Is Essential To Clean Before You Disinfect?

Why It Is Essential To Clean Before You Disinfect?
  • John
  • Oct 27 2020
Maintaining sanitation at your house is essential to prevent illness, allergies, and other health issues. Household members fall sick repeatedly in homes which are dirty due to accumulation of disease-causing microbes.

In addition, when the abode is unclean, most people experience sick building syndrome symptoms, reduced productivity, and stress. Thus you need to disinfect regularly to maintain the health and hygiene in your house.

However, cleaning before disinfecting is a given and should not be taken lightly. To keep your home sanitary at all times, and to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for germs, you can seek the assistance of professional cleaners. Hiring experts is recommended if you are moving out of a rented property and need help with end of lease cleaning in Newcastle.

If you wish to deep clean your abode yourself, then learning how to get optimum results like professionals is necessary. Here is a complete guide outlining why cleaning before disinfecting is essential. In addition, find tips on how to decontaminate your home adequately.

Reasons Why Cleaning before You Disinfect is Crucial

Often people make the mistake of using the terms cleaning and disinfecting synonymously. But, these are two different activities that should be performed in the correct order to sanitise any area thoroughly. Listed below are the reasons why cleaning before disinfecting is the right approach.

  • Surfaces and objects accumulate different types of pollutants such as dust, dirt, grime, debris, and small particles invisible to the naked eye. In addition, they can have dander, hair, fur, and dust mites. Disinfectants are formulated to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes. Therefore, they are ineffective when used for removing contaminants instead of removing germs.
  • Commercial or natural cleaners used for sanitising any area are formulated primarily to remove contaminants or pollutants on the surface or object. While rinsing or wiping, some pathogens may get washed off from the area, but most bacteria, viruses, and pathogens remain.
  • Physically cleaning a surface or object is imperative to get rid of any contaminants before disinfecting. Pollutants on a surface can shield the germs, making it difficult for the disinfectant to work effectively.
  • Removing the contaminants will make the surface or object free of physical particles and debris, and the disinfectant will be useful for killing any pathogens. Thus, you will be able to complete the circle of optimum sanitation.

How To Clean and Disinfect Your House?

Here are some tips by professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle on how to clean and disinfect effectively and efficiently. Have a look!

Use the Right Products

Always read the label to know what kind of cleaner or disinfectant it is. For example, if a disinfectant is formulated for sanitising, then it will kill bacteria but not all kinds of viruses and other pathogens.

Reading the label helps know what the constituents of the product are and whether it will be suitable for the purpose you are buying it. Make sure you have a cleaner and a disinfectant that are safe to use on a variety of surfaces and are multi-purpose.

Use the Right Tools

Besides getting the right products, you need the correct tools to clean then disinfect your house. Listed below are a few cleaning equipments that everyone should have in their kits.

  • Microfiber products such as cloths, dusters, and mops
  • A broom and rubber squeegee with a telescopic rod
  • Brushes, sponges, and scouring pads in different sizes
  • Electronic equipment like vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, air purifier with HEPA Filters etc.

You have to analyse your requirements before investing in cleaning equipment. Using the right tools with the right products is the best combination to get desired results while sanitising your home. Professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle utilise both to create immaculate spaces.

Use the Right Techniques

In addition to ensuring cleaning is done before disinfecting, you should use the correct techniques to keep your home neat and germ-free. Professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle clean and disinfect different types of residential properties within the stipulated time using the following techniques.

  • Create a cleaning checklist to streamline work, and prioritise tasks according to importance plus urgency
  • Clean top to bottom to prevent recontamination of surfaces and objects you have already tended to
  • Move in a circular pattern while cleaning, making your way right to left to know where you started from and avoid skipping any area
  • Divide carpets in quadrants before vacuuming or brushing them.
  • Always test cleaners and disinfectants on inconspicuous areas of the floor, upholstery, countertops, carpets, and other surfaces to know if they are effective and don’t cause any damage.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning and disinfecting are necessary activities that need to be performed in the right order due to the reasons mentioned above. Use this guide to sanitise your home effectively and efficiently. These tips by professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle will help you keep your house neat and tidy at all times.