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How To Make A Perfect House Cleaning Checklist?

How To Make A Perfect House Cleaning Checklist?
  • John
  • Sep 29 2020
Cleaning your home is essential for its upkeep, maintaining hygiene, and ensuring perfect health of the household members. The chore is performed daily by all of us without giving it much thought.

However, cleaning is an important task that needs careful consideration, planning, and a routine. People who don’t sanitise their abodes routinely or adequately often have reduced productivity, low energy levels, and various health-related issues.

Therefore, for health reasons and others, you should focus on having a cleaning checklist to streamline the process and have a schedule like professional cleaners in Newcastle.

Why Should You Create A Cleaning Checklist?

Cleaning and sanitising should always be performed with a goal and purpose in mind to get the desired results. You should know what you expect after performing a task which will help you to feel motivated and have a sense of accomplishment.

By creating a checklist, you will have clarity about the tasks you should do to maintain household hygiene and prolong the longevity of surfaces/objects. In addition, having a fixed list with activities planned for every day, week, or month will increase efficiency because you will not have to think about what to do next.

Creating a cleaning checklist is a practical solution for organising everyday cleaning and disinfecting tasks.

For lessees at the end of a tenancy, having a cleaning checklist is a necessity to ensure the property is cleaned and sanitised adequately to return it in the original state. Hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle can eliminate the requirement for making a checklist as they usually have an REINSW-approved house cleaning service checklist.

Experienced end of lease cleaners in Newcastle follow their checklists to ensure cleaning tasks are performed according to the standards expected from them and to help their clients get their bond back.

If, for any reasons, you haven’t booked professionals for a house cleaning service and need guidance for creating a to-do task sheet for regular and deep cleaning, then take a look at the useful tips mentioned below.

Create a Rough Checklist

Whether you want to create a to-do list for daily sanitation or for end of lease cleaning, it is necessary to write all the tasks and details about them roughly before making the final list of things that are required for tidying up your home.

Each dwelling is different, but most of the cleaning tasks required for keeping the abodes sanitised are the same. Therefore, it will be easy to note the tasks which you know are essential for maintaining optimum house hygiene.

Research about Checklists

Research is crucial for creating the perfect task list after a rough one is made to ensure everything is incorporated. Browse online about professional cleaning companies in Newcastle, read articles/blogs, and find other sources to know which cleaning tasks are must for performing a regular or deep clean-up.

Use the Right Platform

Besides knowing which tasks to do, it is essential to note them on a platform you are comfortable using. Some people create physical lists by writing down chores on paper sheets, binders, whiteboards, blackboards, notepads etc. Others prefer digital platforms like MS Excel or applications where activities can be logged and shared.

Whatever platform you use for creating your regular or deep cleaning checklist, it should be easily accessible by household members to ensure tasks are distributed fairly and everyone is aware of ownership along with the status of completion of every task.

Daily House Cleaning Checklist

If the purpose of creating the list is to streamline your daily cleaning tasks, then here is a daily house sanitising checklist outlining general tasks to guide you. Use the list as it is or modify according to your requirement.

  • Decluttering and tidying rooms
  • Dusting or vacuuming
  • Washing dishes and a load of laundry
  • Disposal of garbage
  • Making beds
  • Sweeping and mopping floors

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist

Often tenants choose to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle due to lack time, energy, and resources for deep cleaning their rented property. In addition, availing a professional house cleaning service helps increase the chances of getting a complete bond refund.

However, if you choose to perform the bond cleaning yourself and need guidance, then here is an overview of an end of lease cleaning checklist created by experts.

  • Vacuum, steam or shampoo carpets (as per requirement)
  • Dust and vacuum all rooms, including the storage units, ceilings, baseboards, fixtures, windows, blinds, etc.
  • Clean or wash windows and doors (as per requirement)
  • Get rid of pests, mould, mildew or any infestation which was not present at the time of occupancy
  • Spot clean walls and baseboards to remove stains, scuff marks, spots etc.
  • Clean sinks, toilets, bathtubs, shower glass, oven, dishwasher, microwave, and other instalments/fixtures/appliances in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Sweep and mop all floors inside the house
  • Dust and clean outside areas like patio or porch

Modify this list to incorporate tasks which you think are necessary for getting your bond back.

The Bottom Line

Having a checklist is essential for performing daily cleaning tasks efficiently and completing bond cleaning perfectly if you haven’t hired a professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle. Follow the information mentioned above to make a list which will help keep your residence neat and sanitary at all times without any challenges or stress.