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Must-Do’s Before End Of Tenancy Cleaners Arrive

Must-Do’s Before End Of Tenancy Cleaners Arrive
  • John
  • Oct 18 2020
The condition of the leased property plays a pivotal role when it comes to retrieving the bond money. There is no escape from a thorough cleaning of the premises at the end of a lease period.

From ceiling walls to delicate floor coverings, you have to ensure that everything is in a pristine state before the final rental inspection.  While other factors of a lease agreement may vary depending on different property managers, the one aspect all property owners want is a detailed cleaning.

It is good to plan things ahead of time and hire professionally-trained people for an affordable end of lease cleaning in Newcastle. With their quality service and dedicated approach, you can impress your landlord and get the bond money back. However, you need to keep a few things in mind before the arrival of professional cleaners.

Preparation is one of the crucial aspects because it not only saves time but also ensures a standard cleaning without any hassle. Here is a complete guide on what to get done before the end of lease cleaners arrive.

1. Clear All Your Doubts

Do you have any doubt related to the cleaning service? If yes, then contact the customer care support and ask everything before their arrival. You can ask if there are any specific needs from the professional team. Always remember that communication is a key when it comes to outsourcing a move-out cleaning service because your bond money is at stake.

For example, you can ask whether they clean the carpets or rugs. Clearing doubts will help you avail the tailored service with peace of mind.

2. De-clutter your House

Do not forget to clear all the mess before the arrival of professional cleaners. It is good to get rid of unnecessary stuff that belongs to you. The main purpose is to prepare the property for the thorough cleaning. It becomes super easy to for experts to remove dust and grime when the property is clutter-free.

So, make a list of things you don’t want to take along with you to the new place. It can be anything, such as clothing, shoes, old equipment, etc. Inspect all rooms and sort them out before the cleaning service.

Tip: You can throw or donate the items to the local charity in Newcastle if they are in good condition but haven’t used for long.

3. Pack All Your Furniture and Belongings

Always remember that rental property needs to be empty while organising a move-out sprucing service. So, make sure you pack all your personal belongings, such as furniture, appliances, clothes in wardrobes, spoons, knives, and other kitchen utensils.

Since you are moving to the new place, you already need to pack the belonging except the ones that belong to the landlord. You need to remove all the obstacles for them so that they can perform their jobs with perfection.

4. Protect the Fragile Items

If you have any delicate items or ornaments at the property, protect them from damages during the dusting and wiping process. You can pack them using bubble wrap and put them away either in the cupboard or suitcase. This is an important step if something fragile belongs to your property manager.

5. Secure All Important Documents

Make sure you put all important documents, such as lease agreement, insurance papers, and other credential papers at a secure place. Keep all of them in a folder so that you don’t lose while professionals spruce up the property.

6. Clear Your Kitchen

This doesn’t mean you need to clean the entire kitchen. All you need to do is to wash up all your dirty dishes and put them away. Throw out kitchen waste and rubbish that is available in your kitchen.

Also, remove the items from your countertops so that professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle carry out their job without any distraction and complete it in less time.

7. Defrost Your Freezer

Defrost your fridge as well as freezer at least a day before the service, otherwise, the cleaning experts won’t be able to remove food particles, stubborn stains, grease and grime properly. Make sure you provide hot water and electricity in the premises for them so that they can deliver you sparkling results.

8. Remove Everything From Your Bathroom

It is important to put all your toiletries, such as soaps, shampoo bottles, toilet papers, hand towel, toothbrushes, etc away before the arrival of cleaners. Try to keep the bathrooms clutter-free so that they can carry out their jobs without hassle. This will also save their time while ensuring a high-quality cleaning.

9. Return Everything To your Landlord

Be sure to return everything to the landlord, such as furniture and other items because the cleaning company won’t clean or arrange furniture and heavy boxes. Prepare the property so that you can protect the walls, items and floors from scratches and damages.

10. Fix Property Damages

The move-out cleaners need to be the last one to work on the rental property. So if something gets damaged or needs repairing, get it done before their arrival. According to the residential tenancy laws, a tenant is responsible for the condition of the premises (if anything is damaged because of you during the lease period).

Tip: You as a tenant should inspect every nook and cranny of the rental property before signing the lease agreement. This will help you know the existing property damages, such as leaking taps, broken doors and windows because you are not responsible for such damages.


Preparing the rental property for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Newcastle is one of the important aspects. If you want to get the most out of the professional service, then remove all the obstacles and pack your belongings before the arrival of trained cleaners. Make sure you must do the tasks mentioned above in this article and achieve sparkling results at the best price.