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4 Most Neglected Areas of Your House That Need Proper Cleaning

4 Most Neglected Areas of Your House That Need Proper Cleaning
  • admin
  • Sep 24 2017

Everyone loves a neat and clean house. It creates a relaxing environment, gives positive vibrations and of course, keeps our family away from noxious diseases.

However, sometimes, people miss out some key spots while cleaning a house. We often overlook these areas due to multiple reasons. It could be due to lack of time or simply being out of reach. Whatever the reason is, you can’t skip any untidy area of your house when it comes to ensuring a hygienic environment.

Here, in this blog post, we will explore the four most neglected spots of a house that needs proper cleaning.

1. Knobs and Handles

While cleaning the floor, carpet and counterparts are important cleaning tasks; you can’t miss out the handles and knobs in the bathroom and kitchen that you touch every time with dirty hands. Do you know that dirty handles and knobs contain more germs than a toilet seat?

So, it doesn’t matter how clean your bathroom or kitchen is, if you don’t disinfect your door handles, you are probably inviting harmful diseases to your home. Make sure you properly disinfect your cabinet handles and door knobs daily to keep those germs away from your kids.

You should always try to keep those spots germ free using the best disinfectant solution. One should also buy a reliable and eco-friendly disinfectant solution for such areas. You can also use homemade cleaning solution to clean dirty areas of your house.

2. Exhaust Fans

Most of the people forget to clean the exhaust fans of their bathroom and kitchen. If your glass door or bathroom mirror gets foggy, you will need to clean up your exhaust fan thoroughly, otherwise, excess humidity in the could breed mould and mildew on the walls of your bathroom.

So, instead of neglecting it, you can detach the cover of the exhaust fan and vacuum the inner parts of it for the better results. Once you are done with the vacuum cleaning, you can use a degreaser to remove grime and grease.

3. Ceiling Fans

Another most overlooked object is a ceiling fan. Whether your fan is running or not, it collects a lot of dust on the blades. To get rid of it, you can reach at the top of your ceiling fan with the help of a ladder and clean all the blades using a duster. You can also use a pillowcase to gather all the dust that falls off the fan.

4. Curtains and window coverings

Do you clean your curtains and window coverings such as blinds while cleaning up your house? If not, then start dusting it because they can collect tons of germs and dirt, especially in the spring season. Make sure you vacuum your curtains and even, try to use clean to avoid any dirt or dust.

If you have blinds, then you need to dust each slat using a pair of tongs. There is not any rocket science behind cleaning different types of window coverings. You just need to remove the dust from it.

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