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6 Places You Probably Forgot To Clean In Your House

6 Places You Probably Forgot To Clean In Your House
  • John
  • May 22 2019

When it comes to cleaning the house, people follow different approaches – for some, it is a form of relaxation, for few, it is an obsession while for the majority of the people, it is an important task that needs to get done. Whatever the approach is, people make every possible effort to ensure that their house is perfectly clean.

However, there are some places in your home that you either overlook or forget to clean. To ensure comprehensive cleaning, people often opt for professional bond cleaners in Newcastle as they stringently follow a cleaning checklist that covers every nook and corner.

However, if you want to clean it on your own, you should be aware of these remotes areas. Here is a list of spaces that people usually forgot to tidy up. Read this post to make sure you clean every corner of your home next time.

1. Under The Sofa And Bed

While cleaning the floor of the living room or bedroom, many people neglect the area under the bed and the sofa. The reason people forget about it is that ‘out of sight is out of mind’, or they are scared of cobwebs and insects.

This allows the dust and dirt to accumulate, which might attract other insects and pests. To clean this part, use a long broom to sweep the dust collected under your bed.

2. Doorknobs And Door Frames

Door frames and doorknobs are something that everyone touches countless times in a day, particularly the latter one. However, considering the number of times we touch them, it is surprising that we hardly give a thought to cleaning them.

Door frames and doorknobs may not appear dirty but they are full of invisible germs and disease causing bacteria. So, the next time you take some time out for cleaning your home, make sure you clean the doorknobs and doorframes efficiently.

3. Light Switches And Switch Plates

Just like doorknobs and doors, the light switches also require regular cleaning because cleaning light switches and switch plates hardly makes it to our cleaning checklist. People touch the light switches of every room countless times but never clean it.

This allows the dirt to build up. It may look clean, but requires a lot of cleaning to get rid of the germs and bacteria. To clean it, take some cleaning solution onto a piece of cloth and properly rub down the switch.

4. Under The Carpets

When we notice something unpleasant lying on the floor, we all have the tendency to quietly kick it under the carpet before the guests see it. And before we realise, a dozen of such things accumulate under the rug. Thus, it is essential to clean this area properly.

People usually contact professional bond cleaners in Newcastle for deep carpet cleaning, but ignore the floor under the carpets. The best thing is that you don’t have to clean it every single day. Take out some time to clean it once in two to three weeks.

5. Windows And Windowsills

Health experts often suggest keeping your windows open and letting in some fresh air and the much-required sunlight. However, what come along are allergens, dust and insects. You might have noticed the dirt and dust settled on the window glass, but no one notices the dust on windowsills.

So, if you want a neat and clean home, it is essential that you have clean windowsills. To clean the dirt, you need a vacuum cleaner. After that, spray an effective cleaning solution on the area and allow it to settle down for a couple of minutes. Finally, wipe the area with a cloth.

6. Kitchen Drawers And Cabinets

When you look into the kitchen drawers and cabinets, things are usually kept in order of size, preference, and requirement to keep them organised. However, it doesn’t mean that the place where you are keeping things is entirely clean.

Despite cleaning, some amount of dust and dirt gets accumulated in the drawers and cabinets particularly in the corners. The cleaning procedure for kitchen cabinets is quite simple. All you need to do is take out all the utensils, boxes of spices and grains, etc. Take a damp cloth and properly wipe the dirty area. Keep the cabinets and drawers open and let them dry.


We all know that while cleaning the house, the places mentioned above often get ignored. But there is no one to blame as we all are living a fast-paced life, and never have enough time to clean our homes thoroughly. To keep things neat and tidy, you don’t have to clean your entire house every day; just ensure to clean these often-forgotten places whenever you are cleaning.