The Ultimate Guide to Deep-Clean a Bathroom: Bond Cleaning Tips

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The Ultimate Guide to Deep-Clean a Bathroom: Bond Cleaning Tips

By : John

Most tenants in Bar Beach start to worry about their bond money at the end of their tenancy period because of the cluttered condition of the rental property. That’s the reason why thorough cleaning of the property is essential when you are at the end of your lease period.

All rooms, especially the bathroom, need to be cleaned and disinfected before the final inspection by your landlord. It is important to remove lurking germs, dust, grime and grease from your bathroom walls, washbasin, shower, glass doors, toilet seat and hard floor.

You can either hire a professionally-trained and verified bond cleaners in Bar Beach for quality outcomes or try some DIY tricks to deep-clean your bathroom from top to bottom so that you can retrieve your security deposit after the inspection.

Here is the complete cleaning guide that will leave your bathroom sparkling clean before the property inspection by your real estate agent.

1. Start from the top

Since air is drawn through the exhaust fan, it quickly accumulates dust on the grill cover and the fan motor. This passes the bacterial infection and dirty air inside the bathroom. That’s why it is imperative to clean the cover and motor thoroughly.

Of course, it is one of the difficult places to reach, make sure you keep it away from dust and dirt if you are preparing your property for inspection. Do the following to get rid of gathered grime and buildup grease from the exhaust fan:

Switch off the fan and remove the cover. Make sure you remove the clips from the both sides of the fan.

Put the fan cover on a towel and clean it from both sides using a vacuum cleaner with a bristle brush attachment.

To clean the inners side of the fan and around the motor, use the dusting attachment on the vacuum cleaner. For difficult-to-reach spots, make a use of crevice tool on the machine.

Quick Tip: Keep a clean microfiber cloth handy to wipe down dust particles and dry debris.

2. Leave Glass Doors Shiny

Both the fibreglass showers and glass doors are delicate and need special treatment. Make sure you remove stubborn stains, soap residue and other marks using a natural homemade cleaner.

Instead of using the abrasive product, mix baking soda and pine oil and apply it on the shower and glass doors. For cloudy glass shower, use white vinegar or a commercial lime. Use a paper towel to wipe down the door and rinse it with clean water.

Quick Tip: Don’t use scrubbing pads to remove stains because they may leave scratches on the surface of your glass door.

3. Remove Soap Scum from Shower and Bathtub

Bathtubs quickly become the victim of soap scum, water stains, bath oil and other grime which increases the chances of mould and mildew if left untreated. While preparing your end of lease cleaning checklist, make sure you include your shower recess, bathtub, faucets and tub rims.

Take out some time from your busy schedule and create a homemade natural cleaner using white vinegar, baking soda and dishwashing powder. After preparing the solution, follow this process:

Spray the tub with the all-purpose cleaner and let the product sit for half an hour. The solution will break down soap scum, grime and grease. In the meantime, you can clean and sanitise all the fixtures and faucets.

Use scrubbing pads to get rid of water rings, mould and other deposits on the shower floors and tubs. Gently rub the area, or you can also use a toothbrush to get the job done quickly and easily.

Rinse off the tub with clean water.

Quick Tip: For better results, hire professionally trailed bond cleaners in Bar Beach who can do the job for you without giving you a hint of stress. They carry the best equipment and eco-friendly products to provide you with quality assurance, safe cleaning experience and your full bond money.

4. Clean and disinfect a Toilet

There is no doubt that toilet seat needs deep cleaning, especially if you are preparing your rental property for the final inspection at the end of your lease.

Keeping it clean and germ-free is not an easy task- it requires a lot of time, right technique and elbow grease. Here is the complete guide to cleaning and disinfecting a toilet seat:

Start by flushing the toilet with the lid down.

Add the liquid toilet cleaner to the toilet bowl, Pour all over the bowl including the side walls and edges. Make sure you use a natural or non-abrasive solution. Leave it for 15-20 minutes.

Meanwhile, you can clean the outside of the toilet, thank and faucets, and prevent the entire surface from breeding harmful germs and bacteria.

Wipe down the entire toilet bowl using a blush.

Also clean the seat, lid and hinges at the back of the seat.

Scrub the stains, buildup grease, grime, mould and mildew.

Use a disinfecting solution to stop the breeding of harmful germs, bacteria and other dust.

5. Washbasin or a Bathroom Sink

The washbasin sink endures a daily a barrage of dust, dirt particles and grease. Keep it sparkling clean and disinfected is crucial. Use an all-purpose cleaner to get rid of light soul.

For difficult to remove stains, use soft scrub and lighten the marks. Make the use of bleach to eliminate toothpaste dribbles and other contaminants. Rinse it with rubbing water and make it look clean and shiny.

6. Spruce up Walls

Whether you have painted walls or tiled one, make sure you clean it before handing over the property to the landlord. Make sure you remove soap scum, cobwebs, and stains from the walls.

Spray the baking soda and vinegar solution on the wall, and rub it using a scrubbing pad. Don’t forget to clean between the gaps of tiles. Also, wipe down the window sills and tracks of your bathroom. Wipe down the walls and keep it away from germs and bacteria.

7. Floor Cleaning

Vacuum clean the floor to get rid of debris, dust particles, and hairs. Now, mop the floor using natural cleaner. For tough stains, use baking soda and leave it for 10 minutes.

Don’t forget to clean beneath the shower, sink and also cover the edges and other crannies of the bathroom. Use fresh water and bring back the lost shine of your bathroom floor.


Cleaning a bathroom at the end of the tenancy is a challenging task because this is the last chance to get the deposited money back from the landlord. Well, you can try these DIY tricks if you want to ensure a clean and shiny bathroom. But for thorough and quality service, call the end of lease cleaning experts in Bar Beach. They are expert in cleaning bathrooms and know the best tricks to provide you with the complete end of lease cleaning service at the most reasonable price.