Green Cleaning: Eco-Friendly Practices for a Sustainable Home


Green Cleaning: Eco-Friendly Practices for a Sustainable Home

By : John
Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your cleaning products? Most of these contain synthetic and harmful chemicals that not only hamper your indoor air quality but also destroy and damage the ecosystem. These cleaning products also end up in landfills, decomposing and releasing toxic gases and waste that contribute to climate change and harm our marine life.

Thus, it is important to switch to more natural and eco-friendly products and adopt sustainable cleaning practices to protect our homes and the environment.

You can also make DIY solutions with items in your pantry, like baking soda and vinegar, that have no toxic ingredients and are cost-effective. Here are some of the best eco-friendly practices that you can adopt for a more sustainable home:

1. Switch To Natural And Green Cleaning Solutions

The first eco-friendly practice you should adopt is switching to natural and green cleaning solutions. These products are plant-based and organic and do not have any toxic chemicals or ingredients that can harm the ecosystem. You can also alternatively make your DIY cleaning solutions with ingredients in your pantry like baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice that are effective in cleaning multiple areas.

For instance, mix one part of white vinegar with one part of water to descale your appliances, remove mineral deposits from faucets and showerheads and treat stains in your laundry.

2. Replace Paper Towels With Reusable Microfiber Cloths

Next, you can reduce the wastage of paper and conserve trees by replacing paper towels with reusable items like microfiber cloths. End of lease cleaners in Newcastle also recommend microfiber cloths as they are good at trapping tiny dust particles and specks and do not require any chemical cleaners.

You can dust your surfaces with these cloths, wipe streaks off your windows, clean your vents, remove stains from your appliances and more. The best part is that you can toss these microfiber cloths into your machine and use them repeatedly.

3. Choose Energy-Efficient Cleaning Tools And Appliances

You can also make your home sustainable and eco-friendly by choosing more energy-efficient cleaning appliances. For instance, you can pick vacuum and steam cleaners with a high energy star rating. A high energy star rating means these appliances use less energy and water and help clean up your home effectively.

4. Dispose Of Your Cleaning Products In The Right Manner

You must also correctly dispose of your cleaning products by separating your recyclables from your non-recyclables. Avoid throwing your chemical cleaning waste in the wrong bins, or it can end up in landfills, where it will decompose and harm the ecosystem and marine life.

Instead, you can ask your local council how to dispose of this chemical waste to keep your home sustainable.


Here are some pet-safe natural solutions that you can use in place of harsh chemicals.

5. Opt For Glass Bottles In Place Of Plastic Cleaning Solutions

When purchasing your cleaning solutions, looking for ones that come in glass bottles or recyclable plastic is best. These glass bottles can be reused and often come with silicone covers so you do not spill any liquid. This is not only better for the environment and helps eliminate plastic wastage, but is also cost-effective as you only need to spend on the glass bottle once and can keep refilling it.

Bond cleaners in Newcastle also recommend using eco-friendly cleaning tools made from bamboo, natural organic materials and reusable plastic.

6. Avoid Antimicrobial And Antibacterial Products

According to official reports, there are over 275 harmful ingredients in antimicrobial and antibacterial cleaners that are harmful to your health and the environment. These antimicrobial cleaners are also just as effective as regular cleaners, and so do not make much of a difference in your regimen.

Thus, you can easily replace these with regular cleaners or even opt for natural antibacterial solutions like lemon juice that cuts through bacteria and disinfects surfaces and helps you maintain a sustainable home.

7. Wash And Maintain Your Cleaning Tools

Lastly, professional bond cleaners in Newcastle suggest that you can save money and energy on cleaning products and tools by washing and maintaining the ones you have. Clean and replace your vacuum filters, wash and disinfect your reusable mop heads and brushes, rinse your microfiber cloths, disinfect your cellulose sponges.

This will help you save money in the long run and keep these cleaning tools more efficient and long-lasting, so they consume less energy and water.


If you are at the end of your tenancy, you can adopt these eco-friendly cleaning tips for your home.


With the above tips and solutions, you can make your cleaning regimen more green and eco-friendly. Avoid toxic chemicals and replace them with plant-based or homemade solutions like vinegar and baking soda. You should also opt for more reusable items, dispose of cleaning waste correctly, and choose more energy-efficient appliances to keep your home clean and green.