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How To Clean Your Room In A Fast And Fun Way?

How To Clean Your Room In A Fast And Fun Way?
  • John
  • Nov 22 2021
Putting off house cleaning chores is common, as there is less time and more stress in everyone’s life. Some have a demanding job while others have small children, pets or carer duties. Therefore you have little to no time left after office or household responsibilities for cleaning and sanitising your room.

Tenants ending a lease agreement can hire bond cleaning professionals in Newcastle to deep clean their rental property while homeowners can avail of a house cleaning service anytime.

However, even when you take assistance from professionals, you have to sanitise your personal space routinely to keep it neat and tidy. Thus, here is a complete guide on how to clean your room in a fast and fun way.

Get Rid Of Clutter Daily

Clutter and mess overwhelm the human visual sense making it difficult for you to concentrate, sleep or relax properly. Additionally, it causes a lot of stress because you are constantly reminded that your room needs cleaning. Thus, make sure you remove trash and sort your belongings every day to have an organised and clutter-free room at all times.

Make Your Bed Every Morning

Develop the habit of making your bed in the morning after waking up and doing anything else. This way, you always come back to a neat bed and sleep in it after a long and tiring day without going through the hassle of straightening it.

Dust Top To Bottom

Save time and energy while dusting your room by applying a professional technique end of lease cleaners in Newcastle often use. Always move top to bottom, and the dust, dirt or contaminants will fall down. It also prevents cleaned areas from getting contaminated again and wasting your time.

Create A Cleaning Routine

The key to maintaining cleanliness in your room is consistency which you can achieve by creating a routine. It should consist of all the tasks you need to perform daily to keep your room clutter and germ-free.

For example, your room cleaning routine should include tasks like keeping clothes in the cupboard, dusting visible areas, sweeping and mopping the floors etc. The aim is to do the task repeatedly to make chores into habits.

Keep Yourself Entertained

Cleaning is not fun for every person, but you can make it fun by keeping yourself entertained. While sprucing your home, do the following.

  • Listen to your favourite songs or podcasts
  • Watch a movie or videos of interest
  • Turn on the television to watch news, serials, sports etc.

Start Small

It is common to feel unmotivated to clean when pressed for time, but you can overcome this obstacle by starting small. Make room clean quick and fun by decluttering or sanitising one area at a time and moving to the next one only when you want to. This way, you can gradually deep clean your entire room and avoid feeling burned out.

Reward Yourself

You can feel a sense of accomplishment after cleaning your room and reward yourself for sweetening the feeling. It will help you motivate to keep sanitising your room frequently and avoid feeling bored. This method will also help you get into the habit of cleaning your room every day.

Use A Timer

Record how long it takes you to complete a task and challenge yourself by beating your best time. It will allow you to clean within a stipulated time and save energy and effort. Even professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle set deadlines and keep an eye on the clock to complete their cleaning tasks on time.

Organise Things Correctly

While cleaning your room, focus on keeping every parallel and perpendicular to the wall and each other. It will make your room look neater and free more area to allow it to appear more spacious than usual. You can use this technique to organise your dresser, work desk, wardrobe, or other areas.

Divide Carpet Into Quadrants

Before vacuuming or brushing the carpet in your room, divide the fixture into four quadrants to manage the task expertly. It is a technique many professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle use to save time, energy and effort during carpet cleaning. In addition to dividing the carpet into sections, move from the centre towards the edges to keep track of your progress & avoid re-contamination of cleaned areas.

Wipe Surfaces & Fixtures With Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are versatile cleaning tools you can use to sanitise any surface or fixture in your room. You can use the cloths for dry or wet cleaning without causing scratches, swirls or scuff marks. These cloths sanitise thoroughly because their fibres’ asterisk design enables them to capture dust, dirt, ad bacteria.


Neglecting your room’s s cleaning is common when you lack time due to professional or personal commitments. You can hire professional cleaners for routine house cleaning or end of lease cleaning in Newcastle when vacating a rental property. However, for keeping your room neat and tidy at all times, follow the tips shared above to make the process fun and quick.