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What is the Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Method?

What is the Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Method?
  • John
  • Aug 28 2020

Carpet is an exceptional choice for flooring because it adds elegance to the interior of your home. However, if you want to maintain the beauty of the carpet, it is essential that you properly care for the carpet with regular cleaning.

But do you know about the most effective carpet cleaning method? If you want to deep clean your carpet without causing any damage to the carpet fibres, you need to know the right treatment!

A lot of people prefer to hire professionals who perform the reliable end of lease cleaning in Newcastle. They prefer steam carpet cleaning in most of the case. Here is detailed information about why it is the most effective carpet cleaning method and how to execute it. Let’s have a look!

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is considered as the safest and most effective carpet cleaning method. It is also known as hot water extraction or wet cleaning. It not only removes the dust and stubborn dirt from the carpet but also eliminates the germs and harmful bacteria without causing any damage to the fibre of the carpet.

That why people generally use a vacuum cleaner to clean their carpets, but when it requires in-depth cleaning, they opt for steam carpet cleaning by professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Newcastle.

Reasons to Choose Steam Carpet Cleaning

If you are not sure whether you should clean your carpet with this method or not, consider the following reasons.

Give Excellent Cleaning Results

When you want steam carpet cleaning, you should hire professionals who offer high-quality end of lease cleaning in Newcastle. They know how to accomplish the task in the best possible manner.

Not only that, before using the steam cleaner, they thoroughly check and get rid of the stains or spills on the carpets. So, this gives your carpet even better cleaning and make them look sparkling clean. That is why steam carpet cleaning is highly recommended, particularly when you are cleaning the rental property during end of lease cleaning.

It Protects Your Carpet

Steam carpet cleaning is perhaps the most effective way to clean your carpet without causing any damage to it. That is why most of the carpet manufacturers recommend this method as the best method to clean carpet. It not only cleans the surface of the carpet but also remove stubborn dirt from the roots of the fibres. This extends the lifespan of the carpet.

Shorter Drying Time

Although steam carpet cleaning is a wet cleaning process, it leaves behind a minimum amount of liquid into the carpet. Thus, it gets quickly dry and ready to use.

The extraction of the machine is quite powerful, so it sucks most of the solution and leaves the carpets slightly wet. If you opt for other wet cleaning procedures, the drying can take up to a few days. However, if you choose steam carpet cleaning, the carpets usually get dry within a few hours.

How to Perform Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Many people try to save some money by performing the Steam carpet cleaning on their own, but it can be a bad idea. Firstly, the steam carpet cleaning machine is quite expensive, and you need a little know-how to use it appropriately. Then only you will get the result you want.

They apply their skills and experience to use the machine in the best possible manner and give you flawless cleaning. However, if you want to clean it on your own, follow the ways.

Prepare the carpets for steam cleaning

Before you begin the steam carpet cleaning, it is essential to clean the carpets. It will make cleaning more effective. So first get rid of the toys, papers, clothes and other usual clutter from the carpets. Also, remove small furniture like chair, coffee table, etc.

After removing items, clean those places that accumulate a lot of dust like the baseboard and ceiling fan, light fitting and remove cobwebs from ceiling corners. Then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the loose dirt and dust properly. If there are any stains, remove it with the help of commercial stain remover or use natural cleaning products.

Fill the Steam Cleaner with Solution

Once you are done with the basic cleaning of the carpets, it is time steam clean. Many machines come with a heating mechanism, but it can be helpful if you use hot water. Fill as much water in it as it is directed.

Then you need to add some specific type of detergent, so make sure you read the instruction and use the appropriate type. The professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Newcastle aware of the exact proportion. So, if you have confusions, hire them and stress-free cleaning. You can also use vinegar in place of the detergent.

Clean the Carpets

This is where professionals can make a massive difference. You need a little know-how to run a steam carpet cleaning machine correctly. Some machines need to push and pull while others can do the job by only pulling or pushing.

So, you need to read the instruction of your machine properly and run it on the carpet as directed. You also need to run the machine slowly so that it can work on a specific spot.

Other Carpet Cleaning Method

Steam Carpet Cleaning is considered by most of the experts as the most effective carpet cleaning method, but there are also some other cleaning methods that are used by professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Newcastle. They are Bonnet cleaning, Dry cleaning, Carpet Shampooing and Encapsulation.


The cleaning method of the carpet largely depends on the type of carpet material. But in most of the cases, steam carpet cleaning is recommended by experts and considered as a safe option. You can always perform the cleaning by following DIY methods, but if you don’t want to take any chance with your costly carpets, contact experienced professionals.