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How To Find Reliable End Of Lease Cleaners Online

How To Find Reliable End Of Lease Cleaners Online
  • John
  • Oct 11 2021
Searching for professional cleaners online has become the go-to method for finding reliable experts. Thanks to the internet, information regarding end of lease cleaning companies in Newcastle or anywhere in New South Wales is a click away. However, the mushrooming of organisations and every company's lucrative advertisements makes it hard to find reliable and quality cleaners.

When you are ending a tenancy, you have to make decisions quickly and book bond cleaners early, meaning you don't always have the luxury of time. Thus, it is crucial to know how to find reliable and professional end of lease cleaners online. Have a look at this complete guide outlining useful tips for tenants looking for quality and experienced specialists.

Check If A Company Is Registered With The ASIC

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is a regulatory body that ensures accompanies registered with it abide by the obligations under the Australian law to provide their services or goods ethically. Companies registered with ASIC have to set up a registered office, maintain their business name, keep financial records and meet other requirements.

Thus, these companies are more reliable than unregistered organisations. To ensure the end of lease cleaners in Newcastle you plan to hire are reliable, search their company or business names on the ASIC's Registers.

Know What You Want

Renters at the end of a tenancy should decide what services they want to avail before choosing reliable end of lease cleaners online. It helps you define your search criteria and use the right keywords to get optimum results on a search engine.

Therefore, inspect your rental property and ask the landlord whether they or the previous owner hired professional cleaners for bond cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control etc. If professionals cleaned the house or apartment before your tenancy, you need to hire end of lease cleaners in Newcastle too.

Search 'Cleaners Near Me'

There are many benefits of booking cleaners near your rental property, as they can reach the property in time and their service charges are economical. You need to search 'end of lease cleaners near me', and you will get suggestions of companies offering their services at your location.

You can also mention your city or suburb name for accurate search results. For example, look for end of lease cleaners in Newcastle to get the right suggestions.

Use Mobile Applications

Streamline your online search for reliable cleaners by using a good mobile application. You can use apps like Helping, Whizz, Houzz, Urban Company, Tidy and many others to look for cleaners, learn about their services, connect with them and make bookings conveniently.

These apps also feature ratings and reviews by clients to help you make an informed decision. Most applications are compatible with Android and iOS, making it easy for anyone with a phone to download and use the apps.

Get a Free Quote

Another way to find reliable and good end of lease cleaners in Newcastle online is via free quotes. Most reputed cleaning companies have a form on their website that you can fill and get service charge estimates via email. By getting quotes from multiple cleaners, you can weigh their affordability and make an informed decision accordingly.

Note: If a company's prices are too good to be true, they may be scamming by showing inaccurate quotes. These companies can impose hidden charges or ask for more money on the cleaning day when you have no option but to comply. Thus, go for companies that have justifiable and competitive service prices.

Read Reviews

Choosing the right cleaning company for deep cleaning your rental property is imperative to get your bond back in full. When you look for cleaners online, there is a sea of options, and you need valuable guidance to make the right decision.

By reading reviews of people who have availed services of a company, you get insights and ideas about the company's reliability, service quality and integrity. Additionally, you can know which companies are preferred by tenants and which ones people advise against because their cleaners aren't professionals, their rates fluctuate, or there are other issues.

Follow Up Offline

After going through cleaning companies' websites and selecting the ones you like, follow up with them offline. Give them a call to inquire about the following things.

  • The company's overall industry experience
  • Bond cleaning, carpet cleaning and other services inclusions/exclusions
  • Advance booking, cancellation and refund policies
  • The verification process of cleaners
  • Bond back and service guarantees
  • Cleaning products and equipment

The Bottom Line

The internet makes it easy to find end of lease cleaning companies in Newcastle, but you need to do more than a Google search to make an informed decision. By checking ASIC registers, reading reviews online, getting free quotes and taking the other steps mentioned above, you can find reliable end of lease cleaners online without any stress or hassle.