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Major Advantages Of End-Of-Lease Cleaning By Professionals

Major Advantages Of End-Of-Lease Cleaning By Professionals
  • John
  • Mar 16 2021
Hiring professional cleaners for end of lease cleaning is common for tenants as it helps them get their bond back in full. The bond is a sum that can be up to four weeks of rent, and it is paid at the start of the tenancy along with an advance rent of two weeks.

It is lodged with NSW Fair Trading and refunded when a lease ends, and the tenant moves out of the rental property after fulfilling his/her responsibilities. Among these responsibilities, returning the property in a reasonably clean condition is a significant one.

To fulfil it without any stress or hiccups, most tenants hire professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle. Taking the assistance of experts is advantageous for many reasons and should be considered if you are moving out of rented real estate. If you need to know why you should book professionals, here are the most significant reasons.

It may be Your Only Option to Get a Complete Bond Repayment

As per the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants need to leave the rented property in the same condition it was in at the start of the tenancy.

Although a landlord or property manager cannot force you to hire professional cleaners, if experts sanitised the property before your tenancy started, you need to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle to return it in the same state as per the original condition report.

If the landlord had the carpets cleaned by professionals, then you will need to avail professional carpet cleaning service even when you are DIY cleaning the remaining property.

To ascertain whether professionals cleaned the property, ask your landlord to share a copy of the bill given by the end of lease cleaning company in Newcastle that performed the task. If the bill is legitimate, then proceed to hire the experts.

Reduced Risk of Losing Bond Money

When you book professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle to deep clean your rented property, the risk of losing the bond reduces substantially. The professionals are trained and experienced to perform bond cleaning, which is different from regular cleaning. It requires technique, the right supplies, and streamlining of tasks.

To increase your chances of getting your bond back, taking the assistance of professional cleaners is ideal because they clean according to the REINSW approved cleaning checklist and work in teams to complete jobs within a stipulated time.

After moving out, getting your bond back in full is essential because you have to pay the bond and submit at least two weeks of rent in advance for your new rented property.

When you have completed all your responsibilities, are in agreement with your landlord, and moved out of the property successfully, you can get your refund within two working days after the landlord agrees to the claim.

Insurance Coverage

Reputed and reliable end of lease cleaning companies in Newcastle have insurance and the licences to work in specific areas. In most cases, when there is unforeseen damage or accident during cleaning, the companies can cover the expenses. Thus, you can relax and feel less stressed about letting strangers clean your rented property.

Hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle is a better and safer option than cleaning yourself because accidents can happen. If you don’t have insurance, the amount of damage is deducted from your bond.

Saves You Time, Energy, and Money

Besides getting bond back guarantee, most tenants hire professionals because it helps save time and energy. End of lease cleaning is different from regular cleaning as it takes hours to sanitise the entire property and requires discipline.

Professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle have years of experience that enables them to complete various tasks calmly, and since they work in teams, they can clean properties within a few hours.

While the cleaners sanitise the property, you can do other moving-related tasks such as settling in your new home, unpacking, connecting utilities and much more.

In addition to saving your time and energy, hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle is an economical option. You save a lot of money since you don’t have to invest in cleaning products, rent/buy modern equipment, take time off work, etc.

To get the cleaning done within your budget, you can get free quotes from companies and choose the one that offers the services you need at affordable rates.


Moving out of a rented property and getting it cleaned shouldn’t be stressful and challenging. You can avoid stress, anxiety, and fatigue by hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle. The advantages (as mentioned above) of hiring experts are numerous.

While the cleaners deep clean the entire property, you can sit, relax, and settle in your new home without any hassle. What’s more, you can rest assured that you can get a complete bond repayment.