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Questions to ask from your Bond Cleaners before Hiring Them

Questions to ask from your Bond Cleaners before Hiring Them
  • John
  • May 28 2020

Choosing the most suitable bond cleaners for purging your rented property can be confusing considering there are some many cleaning companies with lucrative offers. Tenants should be wise and practical while hiring professionals because if the wrong people are employed, the lessee risks deductions from the bond money or worse lose the entire security deposit.

Whether you are moving for the first time or have moved before the mistake of selecting the wrong people for the job can happen. Therefore, to always book reliable and experienced bond cleaners in Newcastle, read this guide. It outlines important questions to ask from your bond cleaners before hiring them.

How Much Bond Back Guarantee They Offer?

Most renowned companies offering the assistance of experienced and reputed bond cleaners in Newcastle give a full bond back guarantee. The cleaners are skilled, trained, and professional who know what landlords/realtors in Newcastle expect from the end of lease cleanings and what property inspectors check during the final review.

They perform the cleaning tasks according to an approved checklist and have the right products/tools to complete these tasks efficiently and optimally. However, if you choose to hire freelancers or cleaners from an unregistered company to perform the end of tenancy, there may not be any bond back assurance or just a partial one.

What are their Insurance Policies?

While booking bond cleaners in Newcastle, it is crucial to ask about their insurance policies in case property damage is caused or any contents are stolen. If a cleaning company is registered and established, then it offers limited liability insurance which will cover a portion of the cost of the loss or damage.

However, if you want to ensure maximum coverage, then having a full-proof renters insurance is ideal. The protection offered by the bond cleaners in Newcastle depends on a host of factors, and you should make yourself aware of how much security and safety they can provide while cleaning the property.

Do the Cleaners have Required Cleaning Products and Equipment?

To perform the vital task end of lease cleaning effectively and efficiently, cleaners need to have the right products and equipment to sanitise and disinfect a property. If the cleaners don’t have them, then the job cannot be completed on time or as per requirements.

Therefore, asking the professionals if they have access to the required cleaning and disinfecting supplies is essential. These supplies may include the following along with other

  • Cleaners and disinfectants approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration
  • Vacuum Cleaners, Carpet Shampooers, Pressure Washing Machines, Steam Cleans etc.
  • Dusters, microfiber cloths, wipes, brushes, mops, spray bottles, buckets, and other tools

It is important to inquire about the equipment, especially when hiring cleaners to perform additional services like pest control, wall washing, upholstery cleaning, etc.

What is Included in the Bond Cleaning Services?

Before availing the services of professionals for bond cleaning, knowing what tasks they perform to clean and disinfect the property will be wise.

It will give you an idea of what the services include and exclude because if there is a requirement of additional services, you would be able to get them. Standard services included in the bond clean package are mentioned below.

  • Sweeping and mopping all rooms
  • Deep cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and other areas
  • Vacuuming the Carpets
  • Spot cleaning the walls
  • Sweeping the patio, garage, and other outdoor areas
  • Cleaning windows, doors, frames, mirrors, and glass walls
  • Sanitising cabinets, wardrobes, and other storage units
  • Cleaning countertops, kitchen appliances, and hard to reach spaces

What are the Services Charges?

Reputed bond cleaners in Newcastle offer their services at competitive rates, which is why getting free quotes is necessary to know what their services charges are. By understanding the quotes, you can get estimates and select cleaners willing to provide the most services at the best prices.

These free quotes can be obtained online by filling a form on the bond cleaners’ websites or by having a telephonic conversation with the sales representatives. After the estimate is generated it will be sent via emailed and message to the registered number or email address.

You can also learn the cost of additional services like carpet shampooing, steam cleaning, pest control, etc.

Do the Cleaners offer Re-cleans and Easy Refunds?

It is crucial to ask before booking bond cleaners in Newcastle because there may be circumstances when after the job is completed the professionals may have to perform re-cleans. If you hire reputed cleaners, then they will provide an assurance period in which if the job is not done as per standards they will be available for re-cleaning.

In addition, in case there is a need to cancel the booking learn about the cleaners’ policy for a refund. Usually, a period of 24 hours after the booking is given to clients to make cancellations, but each cleaning company is unique and may have different policies.


Booking cleaners to sanitise your rented property is a wise and practical decision because moving is hectic, and getting professional assistance helps. Therefore, it is essential to know about the questions mentioned above before booking your bond cleaners in Newcastle. By having cleaners that are reliable and professional, you can have peace of mind and reduce a lot of your moving-related stress.