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Surprising Uses of Mineral Oil in Your Home for Cleaning and More

Surprising Uses of Mineral Oil in Your Home for Cleaning and More
  • John
  • Feb 13 2020

You might be aware of the fact that mineral oil is used in various medicines and beauty products, but it might be surprising to know that this type of oil can be beneficial for household cleaning.

So if you want to clean your home thoroughly, you should consider mineral oil in your cleaning supplies. It is effective, comes cheap and readily available everywhere. This is why many professionals, who perform end of lease cleaning in Newcastle, prefer to use mineral oil. Here are some surprising uses of mineral oil in your home that you should know. Have a look!

Use as Furniture Polish

Mineral oil is considered as a beneficial product to polish your wooden furniture in your home. Many people use commercial products and traditional wood polish to make the furniture look attractive. However, you should not forget that these products have harmful chemicals that can harm your health and make the indoor air quality poor.

Use one cup of mineral oil and pour three to four drops of lemon oil or extract into it. Mix it well and pour the solution on a soft cloth. Then apply it on the surface of the wood, and immediately you will see the shine return to the wood. To save time and energy, people often hire experts who perform end of lease cleaning in Newcastle. However, it is not that difficult to do it on your own.

Add shine to Your Appliances

You can also use mineral oil to add shine to your appliances. First, clean the surface of your appliances properly to ensure there are no dirt or stain. Once you are done with the cleaning, pour around two ounces of mineral oil in a bowl and take a piece of a soft cloth. Dip the cloth into the oil and apply it on the surface. But before that, understand the direction of the pattern of the stainless steel.

The pattern can be either horizontal or vertical. You should not clean against the pattern as it can leave streaks of the cleaner. Do not forget to wipe levers, around the knobs, other grooves and recesses. If you have small appliances like a toaster or a portable microwave, first unplug the unit and let it cool completely. For refrigerators and dishwashers, you don’t need to unplug them but ensure they are not hot.

Protect Your Cutting Board

People usually prefer wooden cutting board over a plastic cutting board, but often neglect its deep cleaning and maintenance. You should give it a nice scrub with warm soapy water after using. Do not make the mistake of soaking the board in water; otherwise, it will crack and wrap.

To clean it properly, you can use salt and lemon. Rub it gently and rinse it properly. If you have cut raw meat and have a concern about the bacterial contamination, you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean your boards. Once you are satisfied that your cutting board is perfectly clean, it is time to apply mineral oil on it. It will give it a nice look and will definitely help to extend its life.

Depending on how often you use your cutting board, you can apply the oil once or twice in a month. It will keep the wooden surface from drying out. The best thing about mineral oil is that they are not only inexpensive but also readily available in any kitchen supply store in Newcastle.

After cleaning and before applying the oil, you must ensure that the board is totally dry. And after applying the oil, you should give it enough time so the wood can absorb the oil properly. You can apply the in the evening before going to bed and the very next morning wipe off the surface of the board to remove excess oil.

Use as Toilet Bowl Cleaner

In case you don’t know, mineral oil can also add shine to your porcelain toilet bowl. Over the years, this material can lose its shine a bit. However, you can bring it back effortlessly.

First, you need to clean your toilet and make sure there is no more dirt. Then pour some oil in a bowl and dip a piece of cloth into it. Then rub it on the toilet bowl surface gently and immediately see the change. You can use the same process to clean your bathroom and sink. If you hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Newcastle, you will find that many experienced cleaners use this technique while cleaning the bathroom.

Made Homemade Oil Diffusers

Oil diffusers are a fantastic way to maintain a continuous and subtle fragrance in your home while staying away from the possible danger of a candle flame. If you look for the oil diffusers available in the market, you will find that they are not at all cheap.

Moreover, they might contain artificial ingredients. To skip the artificial ingredients and the cost, make your own oil diffuser using mineral oil. To prepare it, you will also need a small, clean jar, reeds, vodka and essential oil as per your preference.

First pour mineral oil (one-quarter cup) and into a measuring cup and add vodka (two tablespoons) into it. Then stir well to mix the liquids properly. After that you can add in essential oil (one and one-half tablespoons) in it.

Always remember that the ratio should be around one part essential oil to four parts vodka and mineral oil. Mix them well and pour the entire solution into a container. Put as many reeds into the jar as it fits. After a couple of days, flip the reeds to enhance the scent diffusion.

Other Uses of Mineral Oil

Apart from house cleaning, mineral oil is also used in many more places. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Remove stain from clothes
  • Prevent rust from furniture
  • Give shine to bathroom and kitchen sink
  • Silence a loud, creaky door
  • Remove paint from your skin
  • Remove face makeup


Mineral oil is beneficial in more ways than you could imagine. Thus, you should always have this fantastic ingredient at your home. And the next time you clean your home, try to use it in the ways mentioned above. Many companies offering eco-friendly end of lease cleaning in Newcastle include mineral oil in their supplies.