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What Is The Difference Between Normal Cleaning And Bond Cleaning?

What Is The Difference Between Normal Cleaning And Bond Cleaning?
  • John
  • Mar 01 2019

Normal or regular cleaning is something that people usually do time to time to get rid of the dust and dirt in their houses. Bond cleaning, on the other hand, is something that tenants do to get the bond money back from the landlord/property manager once the tenancy agreement is over.

Although both of them require cleaning, they are quite different from one another on various parameters – duration, importance, cleaners, equipment, cost and so on. For normal cleaning, mostly the family members take care of the chore.

For bond cleaning, people usually hire a bond cleaning company in Newcastle as it involves the retrieval of a hefty amount of bond money which can be withheld by the owner if he is not happy with the standard of cleaning. In this post, you will read about some striking differences between normal cleaning and bond cleaning. Let’s have a look:

Involvement of Bond Money

Once the tenancy agreement is over and the time has come for the tenants to move out, the uncertainty of getting the bond money is frustrating as well as stressful. The tenants often face a dispute with the landlord or property manager over the bond due to the cleaning standard of the rental property.

That is why people usually look for a bond cleaning company in Newcastle. They help the tenants to get back the bond money with their experienced cleaners, latest methods and modern cleaning tools. However, in normal cleaning, it is all about cleaning the house and nothing to do with the bond money.

In this type of cleaning, there is no involvement of any landlord or property manager, and people do it to clean the dust and the dirt from some particular area of the house. In short, bond cleaning is only applicable to tenants and rental property while regular cleaning is for everyone, especially people who have their own homes.

Use of Advanced Cleaning Tools

Professional cleaners use various types of modern and advanced equipment for cleaning that are not required in normal day-to-day cleaning. Bond cleaners in Newcastle are equipped with all the latest machinery including vacuums, polishers & burnishers, specialty machines, floor sanders, scrubbers/dryers and so on.

Every end of lease cleaning company properly trains its experts in the handling of these powerful tools to provide premium quality cleaning for neglected areas of the house. Thus, the professionals make sure that all types of surfaces including wooden floors and carpets are appropriately cleaned.

Moreover, they also use various small tools to clean large appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and oven. In normal cleaning, you need things like brooms, duster, mops, vacuums, and other necessary stuff.

Regular cleaning needs basic cleaning equipment as there is no need for a comprehensive cleanup. Most of the tools that people use for regular cleaning are available at home. But the bond cleaning equipment is expensive, and the bond cleaners bring their tools with them.

Technically Sound Cleaning Experts

Bond cleaners in Newcastle are experienced and have technical knowledge about cleaning different items and areas properly. Owing to their experience and expertise, they know what exactly an inspection agent is looking for and thus work accordingly.

With their flawless cleaning, they make sure that the tenants get the bond money back. End of lease cleaning companies train their professionals and analyse their performance to ensure they provide the best possible quality to their clients.

However, when it comes to normal cleaning, the cleaners don’t require that much experience or technical knowledge. They do basic cleaning of a particular area as per the requirement of the client. As it is so simple, people often choose to do it on their own.

Approved Checklist

Normal cleaning means basic cleaning while bond cleaning refers to the comprehensive cleanup of a rental property. Thus in bond cleaning the professionals use an approved checklist to make sure they cover the entire property.

From the living room to the bedroom, kitchen to bathroom and garage to the laundry room, end of lease cleaners in Newcastle clean all the areas properly. Cleaning furniture is also a common thing in the cleaning checklist.

The bond cleaning company follows a checklist to make sure they don’t miss anything that can cause a dispute with the property manager during the final inspection. In regular cleaning, professionals usually don’t require a checklist as they cover a particular area of the house as per the requirement of the client.


Normal cleaning and bond cleaning are different from each other, and both are significant in their own way. When people own a property and look for cleaning, they go for normal cleaning, but when it comes to moving out of a rental property, companies like Bond Cleaning in Newcastle come to their rescue.