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7 Mistakes That Make Cleaning Your House So Much Harder

7 Mistakes That Make Cleaning Your House So Much Harder
  • John
  • Jul 15 2020
Cleaning the home is a daunting task that demands a lot of time and hard work. So, the last thing you want is to make mistakes that will not only increase the cleaning duration but also force you to make extra efforts. That is why you need to know about the mistake so that you don’t repeat them and make the cleaning process further difficult for you.

Many people hire professionals who offer high-quality end of lease cleaning in Newcastle because they want to clean their home quickly and in a flawless manner. However, if you know about mistakes, you would be able to clean your home in a hassle-free manner. Here is a list of mistakes that make cleaning your house so much harder. Let’s have a look!

1. Not Cleaning Your Cleaning Tools and Appliances

One of the most common mistakes that people make is not cleaning their cleaning tools like the sponge, scrubbing brush, microfiber cloth, and so on. When you use these tools to clean a surface, they get dirty.

So, when you are using them the second time without cleaning them, you are actually spreading the dirt and germs on a surface instead of cleaning. This mistake will make the cleaning task a lot harder. The same approach is also applicable to appliances like dishwasher and washing. If you want to clean your dishes and clothes perfectly, you should also clean them from time to time.

2. Not Following Top to Bottom Approach

When you are cleaning you home, always follow the top to bottom approach. It will make the cleaning task a lot easier. Professionals who offer end of lease cleaning in Newcastle also follow the same approach.

Unfortunately, many people do not follow it, and that makes the cleaning a lot difficult and time taking. If you sweep the floor first and then clean the ceiling corners and light fitting, the floor will get dirty again. So, you will have to clean it once more. Thus, always start from the top and move your way down.

3. Wipe the Spills on Your Carpet

Wipe off the spills on your carpet is considered as a serious mistake that can make the cleaning way more difficult. It is because when you wipe the spill of coffee, red wine, ink, blood or anything similar, you actually spread it and push further into the root of the carpet fibre.

Thus, instead of wiping, use a paper towel that can absorb the spills as much as possible without spreading it. Then you can apply dish soap and water on it.

4. Using a Feather Duster

The feather duster is one of the most common cleaning tools that almost all household have, and it is used to remove the dust and dirt from a surface. However, instead of removing the dust, a feather duster spread the dust all over the places.

This is because such dusters are unable to trap and lock dust. This makes your home cleaning more difficult. That is professionals, who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Newcastle, do not use a feather duster. They use a microfiber cleaning cloth, and you should also use it.

5. Cleaning Windows on a Sunny Day

Many people clean their windows on a sunny day. This is a mistake because the heat from the sun will make the window glass hot. As a result, your cleaning solution will evaporate before you get a chance to wipe it up. It will leave behind streaks, and removing them will be an additional task for you. Thus, you should choose a cloudy day to clean your windows.

6. Not Using the Dishwasher to Its Full Potential

A dishwasher is a useful appliance that you can find in almost all the families. However, most of the people do not use it to its maximum potential, which is a mistake. If you are also using is to clean your dirty dishes, glasses and bowls, then you are also not using it to its maximum potential.

A Dishwasher is an excellent cleaning tool that can also clean items like plastic or glass art stuff, plastic hairbrushes, headbands, combs, pet dishes, soap dishes, bathroom mats, toothbrush holders, sponges, dish brushes, soft toys, gardening tools and so on. This way, you can save a lot of time and efforts.

7. Using Vacuum Cleaner Inappropriately

A vacuum cleaner is a very useful appliance to clean your home, particularly carpets. However, people often use it inappropriately and thus, you don’t get a deep cleaning, and you have to do it again.

So when you are cleaning your carpet with a vacuum cleaner, first run it horizontally and then run it vertically. If you hire experts, who provide end of lease cleaning in Newcastle, you will find that they also use the vacuum cleaner in the same way.

The Bottom Line

Keeping your home healthy and clean is important, but it is also crucial that you do not make any mistake during the cleaning process. Otherwise, you will have to spend time and energy to clean a surface that you have already cleaned. That can be very frustrating! The next time you clean your home, try not to make the mistakes mentioned above.