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Easy Cleaning Tips on How to Remove Pet Stains and Odours

Easy Cleaning Tips on How to Remove Pet Stains and Odours
  • John
  • Jul 03 2020
Stains and odours are part and parcel when there are pets in a household. Many people have fur babies at home who add meaning to their life and make it better with their selfless love.

However, when living with pets, it is common for floors, carpets, furniture, and other things or areas to become unclean with hairs, smells, dirt, urine, etc. Cleaning pet messes is a chore that requires constant and immediate attention, especially for people who live in rented properties.

It is because they need to hire end of lease cleaners in Newcastle, and it makes the job harder for professionals to clean areas that are heavily stained and soiled by pets.

Therefore, it is practical to be proactive and prevent pet stains and odours from becoming bigger problems by tending to them immediately before they become permanent. For pet owners, here is your complete guide by professional cleaners in Newcastle with easy cleaning tips on how to remove pet stains and odours in your home.

Tips for Removing Pet Odours

It is common for pet smells to permeate the areas where they have an accident, sit, or their furs get stuck. The smells become stronger if not paid attention, making your home uninviting and reducing its indoor air quality. Here are some tips to help keep your home hygienic and free of pet smells.

  • Clean the litter box every day to prevent the smell from becoming too strong. Wash the box with water, and dishwashing liquid then give it a rinse with water mixed with baking soda. If possible sun-dry the container then sprinkle baking soda at the bottom before filling it with litter gain.
  • Get an area rug or mat for your pet to sit on to avoid their body odour to linger on various areas of the house. Vacuum these mats and rugs every day and wash them once a week.
  • To remove pet smells due to any reasons, clean the surface thoroughly then sprinkle baking soda and let it sit for 15-30 minutes before vacuuming or dusting it.

Tips for Cleaning Pet Stains

According to the professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle to avoid stains from forming and becoming stubborn is to clean them as soon as possible. In addition, here are some other useful tips for cleaning pet stains.

  • Keep a cleaning kit handy with paper towels, disposable wipes, dustpan, rags, spray bottles with sanitation solutions, and other items that may be required
  • If the stain is fresh, then absorb the moisture as much as possible before applying the cleaning solution and wiping with the rag or wipes.
  • If the accident happened on the carpets or upholstery, then apply the blotting method to soak the moisture. Next, spray a stain remover or natural cleaning solution of water/vinegar/dishwashing liquid before blotting until the stain disappears.
  • For soiled beddings use a suitable but mild stain remover then wash the items and out in a little liquid disinfectant along with the detergent
  • Removing dirt, urine, and other stains from hard surfaces are easier than carpets and upholstery. Usually, after cleaning the residues, a mixture of white vinegar, liquid soap, warm water, and essential oils is enough to scrub or wipe away the stains. If the surface is of marble, granite, or other natural stone then avoid adding vinegar to the solution and use baking soda instead.

When to Hire Professionals?

Tenants who have pets are usually required to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle because these properties may become dirtier or it is a condition of the landlord.

If it is not a prerequisite of the landlord, but the tenant’s property is heavily soiled by pet accidents or other reasons, in such cases hiring experienced end of lease cleaners in Newcastle becomes imperative.

In homes with carpet flooring and upholstery pet stains and odours are common and unavoidable, and even with regular cleaning, they are hard to remove. Hiring professional cleaners in Newcastle will help you purge your carpets, property areas, and things that are impacted by the stains and pet accidents.

The experts have high-grade cleaning products available for professional use only and a slew of machines/tools to sanitise any nook or cranny of a property. The equipment commonly on hand of professionals include high-power vacuuming machines, steam cleaners with variable attachments, and many more that are suitable for removing even the toughest stains caused by pet messes.

Wrapping Up

Having pets at home is a joy due to the unconditional love they give to each member of the household. However, cleaning after pets can be a challenge, especially with a lack of knowledge of what to do.

If you are a pet owner struggling to clean and sanitise the house, following this guide by the expert end of lease cleaners in Newcastle will help you quickly get rid of pet stains and odours in your house.