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9 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks For Hard-To-Reach Spaces

9 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks For Hard-To-Reach Spaces
  • John
  • May 07 2021
Whether you want to keep your home clean and shiny or improve the overall hygiene, it’s often the hard-to-reach spaces that cause the problem. As these spots require a little bit of extra time and elbow grease, you often overlook their cleaning. As a result, your home does not get a thorough cleaning.

The accumulated dust and dirt on these spots can be responsible for various allergies like constant sneezing and irritation in the eyes. Therefore, you need to make sure you clean every nook and corner of the home, including the hard-to-reach spaces. Some hacks can help you to clean such areas perfectly and quickly.

If you want to clean every corner of your home thoroughly at the end of tenancy, you should avoid any hacks or any other DIY methods. Instead, look for a professional company to get a reliable end of lease cleaning in Newcastle. They use the latest methods and advanced tools to clean the property in the best possible manner. However, to generally clean such spots, you need to follow some tactics.

Here are nine brilliant cleaning hacks for hard-to-reach spaces.

1. Ceiling Fans

If you want to remove the dust present on the blades of the ceiling fans, then you can quickly get the job done using an old pillow cover. Use a step ladder to easily reach the blades and slide the pillowcase over the blade, so it gets completely covered. Wipe the covered pillowcase from the base of the blade to the tips, and it will remove all the dust and dirt.

2. Ceilings Corners & Moulding

Another common hard-to-reach space in your home includes the corners & moulding of the ceiling and walls. To get rid of the cobwebs and dust from such areas quickly and perfectly, you need a microfibre duster with an extension pole. Use the duster effortlessly on the ceilings corners, moulding, top of walls and other such places to clean them perfectly.

3. Light Fittings

The best and quickest way to clean the stubborn dirt present on your glass light fitting is to wash them properly. To minimise your hassle and ensure their safety, remove the light fittings and wipe with a microfibre duster. Then place the fittings inside the dishwasher the run the cycle. After the wash, wipe the fittings with a clean cloth and put them back at their place.

4. Outside Window Glass

The outside surface of the windows is one of those hard-to-reach spaces that are very difficult to clean. However, you can carry out the task easily with the help of a magnetic window cleaner.

It has powerful magnets that hold both sides of the cleaner together through the window glass and work together. It saves a lot of time and energy because it allows you to clean the inside and outside surfaces simultaneously.

5. Faucets

People often find it difficult to clean the faucets with a sponge or rag because of their peculiar shape. If you want to remove the soap scum, hard water stains and dirt from the surface, it is advisable to use a toothbrush as it easily reaches the hard-to-reach spots. Experienced Newcastle cleaners also use such tools to clean the kitchen and bathroom faucets.

6. Window Blinds

Removing the stubborn dust and dirt from your window blinds can be a stressful task. However, you can make the chore easy with the help of kitchen tongs. All you need to do is grab your tongs and cover each tong with a microfibre duster using a rubber band. Then use the tong to grab the slats of the blind one by one and wipe from one end to another end.

7. Shower Head

Scrubbing away all the limescale and mineral deposits from the shower head can be a tiring and overwhelming task. If you hire the experts who offer thorough end of lease cleaning in Newcastle, you will see they use white vinegar to clean the shower head.

Remove it and place in a plastic bag filled with vinegar. Keep it there for a few hours before taking it out and scrubbing it with a brush. Finally, wash it properly.

8. Toilet Stains

If you cannot remove the stubborn stains from your toilet despite giving it a proper scrub, you need to follow a smart tactic. Use a pumice stone for removing stains from not only the toilet but also the sink and bathtub.

It is a lightweight and effective tool that will get the job done perfectly and without leaving behind any starches. Before using it, just hold it under running water, so it becomes a little softer and work effectively.

9. Inside the Oven

When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, you skip difficult to clean spots like the inside of the oven. The appliance accumulates dirt, spills, food particles, grease, etc., over time and become tough to remove. If you want to clean the surface effortlessly, prepare baking soda paste using water, apply it evenly, and leave it overnight. The next day, clean the surface with a wet cloth.


If you want to give your home a thorough cleaning, it is essential to cover the hard-to-reach spaces. If you want to clean these spaces perfectly and without spending a lot of time, follow the hacks mentioned above. To save more time or your security deposit, contact professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle. They will make your home look sparkling clean.