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9 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cleaner Than It Is

9 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cleaner Than It Is
  • John
  • Sep 10 2019

A clean home not only looks beautiful, but also makes you feel happy, energetic and refreshed. However, people are so busy with their office work and other household chores that they hardly get any time to clean their homes.

That is why they opt for bond cleaning in Newcastle with experienced professionals who ensure that you get the best quality cleaning in the least possible time. On the other hand, if you make efforts and get the desired results, then the feeling is incomparable.

Also, if you do it properly, it can become a fun activity. Here are some excellent ways that can make your home feel cleaner than it is. The best thing about these tips is that they are useful and easy to follow. Let’s have a look.

1. Declutter And Organise Your Stuff

Sometimes you find that your home is completely stuffed and it is difficult to decide from where to start. But you need to declutter without wasting time. It is the easiest and quickest way to make your home a healthy home and feel cleaner.

Take one room at a time as this will help you to accomplish the task in an organised manner. Do the following things:

  • Look for obvious trash like empty or used envelopes, plastic bottles, expired coupons, dried up glue bottles, and throw them in the trash can.
  • Pick the used plates, bowls and spoons and put them in your kitchen sink.
  • Minimise the unpleasantness of your living room by arranging paper piles, magazines and other reading materials. Put the important documents on your study table.
  • People often overlook the importance of a clean and well-organised bed and sofa. So, pay attention to these spots.
Make your bed

This is the first thing you should do in the morning. It not only gives you a sense of achievement but also makes you happy when you get home after a tiring day. This move can instantly give you a feeling that the room is much cleaner.

Rearrange the bedsheets and pillows appropriately. If you feel that they are not clean enough, replace them immediately.

Clean your sofa

People spend a lot of time on their couch but overlook its cleaning. Pick up the pile of clothes lying on it, use a duster to get rid of the dust and plump up the cushions. Also, pick up any trash near or below the sofa.

2. You Should Bring Plants In Your Home

It is always good to have indoor houseplants, so if you don’t have any, bring in some. They not only make you feel relaxed but also absorb the toxins from the air. Thus, it gives you a feeling that the home is cleaner and fresh. Numerous types of Indoor plants can be picked up from your nearby stores in Newcastle.

Experts recommend having a few air purifier plants in your home as well. Apart from plants, you can also have colourful flowers in your home that will spread a pleasant fragrance all over the place and will also look pleasing.

3. Kitchen Countertops And Outside Of Appliances

You should have a basic cleaning routine for your kitchen. Wipe off the oil and grease from the burner and countertops. Also, clean the outside of the drawers, cabinets, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, oven and other small appliances.

This will remove a lot of dust from the kitchen, so it will make you feel that your home is cleaner.

4. Use Essential Oils to Clean the Surfaces

You should use essential oils to wipe different surfaces like furniture, shelves, the kitchen countertop, study tables and other similar places. Different types of essential oils are available in various stores in Newcastle so you can buy as per your choice.

To clean your home, use lavender, lemon rosemary and eucalyptus oil. They not only destroy bacteria, viruses and fungus, but also lend freshness with their fragrance.

5. Remove Cobwebs from Walls and Clean Ceiling Fans

If you don’t clean the walls, they get accumulated with dust particles, and overtime start looking a little dull. So clean your walls properly. People often opt for bond cleaning in Newcastle as they have experienced professionals with proper cleaning equipment to clean hard-to-reach-areas.

However, you can also clean your walls with the help of a cobweb duster. It comes with a long handle so that you can clean all the dust and cobwebs from the wall corners. A clean ceiling fan will also make you feel that the room is cleaner. If you use a broom to clean the blades of the fan, it is most likely to spread the dust.

To prevent that, you can use any of your old pillow covers. Cover the blade with the pillow cover and wipe off to collect all dust inside the cover. This is a smart hack to clean your ceiling fan.

6. Clean Your Carpets Properly

It is important to clean the carpets to make your home look cleaner. People often overlook the significance of cleaning carpets, which leads to accumulation of dust, dirt, spills, pet hair, and so on. As it is a challenging task to clean carpets, people usually go for bond cleaning in Newcastle.

They have professionals with a lot of experience, technical knowledge and modern equipment. You can try to remove dust and pet hair using a vacuum cleaner. But if you don’t get the result you want, contact the experts.

7. Clean and Change Your Lights

Proper lighting is crucial for your home, as its purpose is not limited to only providing light. It is more than that, and thus you need to use it very smartly. You need to focus on two important things – first cleaning the light fixtures and second, improving the power of light.

Clean the light fixtures

You must have often noticed a layer of dust on the light fixtures. This happens because you don’t clean them very regularly. Their difficult to reach location and delicate material are the real culprits that do not allow you to clean them properly.

But you have to clean them so that you can get the maximum amount of light. Special dusters are available at your nearby stores in Newcastle so that you can clean such items without causing any damage to them.

Increase the power of light

If you have a dim light in your home, replace it with a powerful one. Always remember that the brighter your home is, the cleaner it will feel. It improves the visibility and thus your surroundings look bright and clean.

8. Clean Your Mirror and Any Glass Doors

Mirrors are essential items in your home, and they are more than just a way to look at yourself. They reflect the light around the room and make a specific place look more prominent. Thus, you should clean it properly and remove the dust and any handprints.

Spray some water and clean it with paper. Similarly, if your glass doors are dirty, it can single-handedly diminish the entire beauty of the room and the cleanliness. So make sure they are also clean. Do not forget to clean the shower screens in the bathroom, remove soap scum from your bathroom glass doors to keep them looking great.

9. Change Pillow Cover, Towel and Curtains

Stuff like pillow covers, towels and curtains get dirty quickly, but people often ignore it and continue to use it. If you replace these things, you will immediately feel that your home has become cleaner.

The curtains accumulate a lot of dust over time while uncleaned towels and pillow covers allow germs and bacteria to flourish that creates diseases. That is why you should wash them at least once a week. For curtains, you can take a little more time and clean them once a month.


If you think that it is challenging to declutter and clean your home, you might need to change your approach. It not only makes your home beautiful and cleaner but also gives you a chance to get involved in physical activity and be more responsible as a person.

Follow the cleaning ways mentioned here to make your home feel cleaner. If you need deep cleaning of the entire house, you can go for bond cleaning in Newcastle.