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Expert Cleaning Tips To Help You Get Your Bond Back

Expert Cleaning Tips To Help You Get Your Bond Back
  • John
  • Jun 23 2020
Getting the bond back is among the top priorities of tenants when moving out of a rented property. This sum is usually a month’s rent or more which the landlord keeps as security in case the tenant causes any damage or fails to perform bond cleaning adequately.

Most people prefer to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle to complete the crucial activity and have the guarantee their bond will be returned. However, being a tenant, it is your responsibility to keep the property sanitised at all times to avoid burdening yourself and the professionals with cleaning a heavily soiled property.

Here are expert cleaning tips to help you get your bond back without any hassle and move out of a property successfully.

Confirm About Hiring Professionals

According to the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants are obligated to return the property in the same condition it was in at the time of occupancy excluding fair wear and tear.

Usually, when a property owner hires experts to purge the property before the start of the tenancy, the lessee is required to book the professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle as well.

It would be wise to re-read your contract to check the clause regarding the end of lease cleaning and discuss with the landlord as well while planning for the final clean up. Having clarity of requirements is necessary to plan the sanitation to get your bond back.

Here is a list of situations when a property owner may expect the tenant to hire professionals.

  • The tenant has pets
  • The property has become heavily soiled during the tenants stay
  • There is mould or pest infestation
  • Carpets, upholstery, rugs etc. were steam cleaned or shampooed by the landlord before letting the property

Maintain the Walls

Although walls don’t get dirty quickly, they do accumulate dust, cobwebs, scuff marks and spots over time. Therefore, wiping them every few weeks will help keep them easy to tend to for the end of lease cleaning. Use a broom or microfiber cloth sweeper to remove any clumps of dust, debris and webs from walls every week.

According to the professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle, vacuuming walls and baseboards is an efficient way to keep them clean. Furthermore, use baking powder-water paste or dishwashing liquid-water solution to scrub away scuff marks, grime, crayon lines etc.

Deep Clean Kitchen and Bathroom

Deep cleaning is different than regular cleaning and involves sanitising areas which are generally not paid attention to such as behind the toilet, bathtubs, cabinets, grouts, etc.

Deep cleaning should be performed every few months, and if you don’t have the time professionals can do them for you as well. It will require a checklist, the right products/tools, and effort.

Try to involve household members to share responsibilities. Ensuring your kitchen and bathroom is deep cleaned frequently is a proactive measure to make it easier to purge these areas at the end of the tenancy.

Pay Attention to Detail

During regular sanitation, usually about an hour is dedicated to cleaning the house that involves dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, wiping, and mopping.

However, when cleaning for moving out successfully, it is imperative to pay attention to details by cleaning fixtures, hard to reach surfaces, walls, baseboards, windows, etc. These areas are generally neglected due to lack of time, tools to clean, etc.

Don’t Forget Tracks and Frames

Professional cleaners who perform end of lease cleaning in Newcastle always ensure the frames and tracks of doors, windows, or other entry points are cleaned. These areas can accumulate dust and debris which can be overlooked, but upon inspection be a reason for deduction from the bond.

The tracks and frames can be easily cleaned by attaching the crevice tool to the vacuum cleaner, using a microfiber cloth, or a slim brush. Sponges with handles manufactured to clean such narrow areas can be used for removing contaminants from these areas as well. The best cleaning solution to apply would be warm water, dishwashing liquid and a few drops of essential oils.

Get Help

Cleaning for the final inspection of the property is not an activity to perform alone because the entire real estate has to be purged. Therefore, it is essential to get help from household members, relatives, friends, and professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle.

By sharing responsibilities, it will be easier to complete tasks in time and manage other moving-related formalities. While cleaning us an integral for moving out successfully, you have to take out time for decluttering, packing, taking care of the family as well.


By following the cleaning tips shared above, your chances of recovering the security deposit will increase substantially. Understandably every tenant feels stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious as the tenancy draws to a close.

Therefore, it is essential to have a plan, especially for the end of lease cleaning that is necessary for moving out successfully and securing the bond.