How to Get Rid Of Wet Carpet Smell?


How to Get Rid Of Wet Carpet Smell?

By : John
Carpets add elegance and comfort to homes, making them popular flooring options for houses and apartments. While they feel and look good, carpets are harder to maintain and clean than hard floors. They can trap moisture, dust and odours in your home’s indoor air.

Carpets can also smell musty after significant water damage due to mould development. If you neglect to address the bad odour from carpets, it will grow and lead to more serious issues. Renters can lose their bond if the carpets in their rental property are dirty and smelly. You can hire professionals to deep clean the carpets during end of lease cleaning Newcastle.

However, to keep your carpets sanitary and fresh all year round, you should know what causes wet carpet smells, whether it is a health risk and how you can get rid of wet carpet smells. Thus, here is your complete guide outlining everything you need to know about carpet odour and its removal.

What Causes Wet Carpet Smell?

Carpets can emit an unpleasant odour for multiple reasons. If you recently had water damage, then the fixtures will definitely smell. Other causes for wet carpet smells can be the following.

  • Old stains cause bad smells over time, especially if they weren’t treated immediately or adequately the first time.
  • Pet odours due to pet accidents are challenging to treat as the enzymes from bodily fluids can bind with the carpet fibres.
  • Mould or Mildew before spots or stains appear from fungal development, you will notice a musty smell.
  • Low-quality raw materials can make carpets smell like burnt oil or diesel. It happens due to poor latex coating or adhesives.
  • Is a Carpet’s Wet Smell a Health Hazard?

    Carpet smells are always caused by a bigger problem, and the sooner you address it, the better. If your carpet has a wet odour, the fibres have caught moisture. Therefore, their fibres become breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause allergies, respiratory problems, skin irritation, chronic fatigue, migraines etc.

    Carpets with mould development are the most serious issues. They will smell extremely musty and can cause toxicity. Being constantly exposed to mould spores, you can get neurological issues like mood swings, concertation issues, etc. Therefore, you must take professional help or use an effective carpet cleaning solution to remove the smells.

    How to Remove Wet Carpet Smell Like a Pro?

    There are different ways you can treat wet carpet smells. You can use commercial cleaners or homemade natural cleaners depending on how dirty your carpets are and how much attention they need. Hire professionals for expert carpet cleaning in Newcastle if the flooring is heavily soiled and you cannot treat the smell.

    But, before seeking professional help, try the following carpet cleaning methods to sanitise and deodorise the flooring in your home.

    1. Use Baking Soda & Essential Oils

    Baking soda is an organic powder known for absorbing moisture and bad smells from all surfaces. Essential oils are antimicrobial and perfect for deodorising household surfaces without harmful volatile organic compounds.

    To refresh your carpets and get rid of the wet smell, in a bowl, mix baking soda and 20-25 drops of tea tree, lemon, orange, lavender, or any other essential oil of your choice. Sprinkle this mix generously on the dirty carpets and leave it for at least 30-45 minutes. Afterwards, vacuum thoroughly to reveal sanitised and deodorised carpets.

    2. Use a Vinegar & Water Solution

    Mix one cup of water and one cup of cleaning vinegar in a spray bottle. Mix well, then mist the solution all over the carpet and wait for it to dry. Keep the room well-ventilated and use a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the room. After the carpets are dry, vacuum thoroughly to buff the carpets and remove any dust, dirt or grime.

    Vinegar is a versatile cleaner that kills smell-causing bacteria and mould. Therefore, it can help remedy the wet carpet smell without contaminating your home’s indoor air with dangerous chemicals.

    When To Seek Professional Help?

    If the wet carpet smell returns after repeated cleaning efforts, ask professional cleaners to inspect the flooring. They can check the carpets for mould, pet stains, stubborn messes and other issues that make your carpets smell.

    After review, they can suggest hot water extraction, carpet shampooing, etc. If the carpets are beyond cleaning, they will suggest replacing them.

    You should also seek professional help for bond cleaning in Newcastle to ensure your rental property and its carpets are reasonably clean during the final inspection. If the carpets have a wet smell during the inspection, you can lose your rental bond.

    Wrapping Up

    Wet carpet smell can happen after significant water damage, pet accidents, excessive humidity in weather etc.

    Therefore, you must know how to tackle this issue from the moment you notice the smell. If the smell persists after using the methods and insights above, don’t hesitate to hire professionals for carpet cleaning or to replace the flooring if it is damaged.