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Step-By-Step House Cleaning Checklist By Pros

Step-By-Step House Cleaning Checklist By Pros
  • John
  • Jul 21 2021

Your house sparkles and smells terrific whenever professionals clean it, but it is challenging when you try to replicate the same results. You are not alone because expert cleaners offering general house cleaning and end of lease cleaning services in Newcastle have expertise and experience. But, there is a trick of the trade that you can also use to get optimum results while cleaning your home as a tenant or homeowner.

Professional cleaners always have a good cleaning checklist to streamline their work and complete tasks within a stipulated time. Thus, follow this step-by-step house cleaning checklist by pros to sanitise your house effectively and efficiently.

  • Remove Trash & Clutter

The first step to deep cleaning your house is removing trash and decluttering. It is a crucial step as most homes have broken and old things of no use, paper clutter, plastic garbage and much more. You need to get rid of household waste responsibly because many of its elements, such as plastics, paper, cardboard etc., end up in landfills.

According to the Australian Statistics Bureau, Australia produced 75.8 million tonnes of solid waste in 2018-19and 12.4 million tonnes (16.3%) of it was from households.

  • Dust Every Room

After decluttering, move on to dusting every surface and fixture in your house room by room. Remove dust, dirt and debris using microfiber cleaning products like the professional end of lease cleaners in Newcastle. The microfiber material is antimicrobial, super absorbent and cleans effectively with or without a cleaner.

While dusting, move top to bottom to ensure the dust particles and debris fall down, and you don’t accidentally re-contaminate cleaned areas.

  • Clean The Kitchen

The kitchen is among the dirtiest places in your house and would take time to clean. Therefore, you should focus on it first and perform the following tasks for optimum kitchen sanitation.

  • Clean the cabinets, drawers and other storage units
  • Clean the sink, stove, oven and microwave
  • Wipe the countertops, fixtures and appliances
  • Disinfect every area
  • Clean The Bathroom

Pay attention to the bathroom after cleaning the kitchen and complete these tasks.

  • Wipe the cabinetry, mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Clean the washbasin, shower areas, bathtub and toilet
  • Wipe the countertops and fixtures
  • Disinfect every area
  • Wash and mop the floor
  • Clean The Bedrooms & Living Rooms

Sanitising these areas is easier than the kitchen or bathroom, and you can clean them within a few hours.

  • Start by cleaning the fixtures
  • Sanitise the wardrobes and storage units
  • Wipe furniture and clean flat surfaces
  • Clean & Disinfect High Contact Points

Households have many common points of contact that teem with germs, and you should clean them to have a healthy home. Here is a list of areas and fixtures you need to sanitise.

  • Faucets, knobs and handles
  • Stair rails, countertops, armrests of the furniture
  • Switches, switchboards, plugs, appliances, remote controls gadgets, etc.

Dampen a microfiber cloth with a multi-surface cleaner and wipe these objects or surfaces thoroughly to get rid of dust, dirt and pollutants.

After cleaning, disinfect with rubbing alcohol or a multipurpose disinfectant. Make sure you let the disinfectant remain wet on the applied area for at least five minutes to kill the germs.

  • Sanitise The Windows

Vacuum and clean the windows and their tracks/frames thoroughly before washing them with soap and water. Remove any stains, grime or build-up on the windows with a sponge or a brush. Also, remove any excess moisture with microfiber cloths or a rubber squeegee before letting the windows air dry.

  • Vacuum The Carpets

Carpets trap dust, food particles, hair, dander, allergens and various other pollutants, which is why you need to vacuum them regularly. To clean like a pro, divide the carpet into four quadrants and vacuum each quadrant, moving outwards from the centre to the ends.

Sprinkle baking soda before vacuuming your carpets if they are extremely dirty and smelly. Let the powder dwell for at least 30 minutes, as it will sanitise and deodorise the carpets.

  • Vacuum Household Areas & Surfaces

This cleaning activity is optional, but you can do it to ensure no pollutants are left after you have sanitised your home. After cleaning, vacuuming household areas and surfaces is a professional trick end of lease cleaners in Newcastle use to make residential properties sparkle and remain dust-free longer.

  • Sweep & Mop Floors

Sweeping and mopping hard floors are the last tasks you need to perform for completing your house cleaning routine. You can use a brush, broom or microfiber sweeper to collect dust, debris and physical debris from the floors. Next, wipe them with a mop damp with a solution of water and floor cleaner.

The Bottom Line

To sanitise your house deeply, you should take the assistance of professional cleaners in Newcastle. However, if you want to do it yourself, then follow this house cleaning checklist by pros to make your home neat and tidy expertly. The checklist will also help you perform the necessary tasks and feel motivated to spruce your house.